TEAM FIERTH announced for AIDSWALK 2010

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TEAM FIERTH announced for AIDSWALK 2010

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TEAM FIERTH announced for AIDSWALK 2010,


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TEAM FIERTH announced for AIDSWALK 2010,

click the image - selct join a team - and drop down menu to TEAM FIERTh

Please Join us .


Its with great pride that we announce Fierth’s official Aidswalk 2010 team .


Last year with our friends at Fulltime friend we were able to raise nearly $10,000.    If you all join in this effort there is no stopping us , and to be honest , it doesnt take a lot of work to do so much good for our community . To rise to this challenge is  to  enage yourself  to be a part of the fight against  HIV/AIDS;   help those living with HIV/Aids , and to lead the drive of preventing the spread.

Huge strides have been made in conquering this pandemic. It was announced last week  that HIV mays be conquerable via stem cells , and there are several ventures into a vaccine on the horizon.

Please Join us .

TEAM FIERTH is  online at this time and your registration can take place at any time helping raise money for this powerful charity.   Overrall AIDSWALK raised $5,503,409 dollars – Thanks to the efforts made of every individual that participated.

The fact is this HIV AIDS is not going away on its own and it will take all of us to get involved to beat that bitch back.

I encourage all of you to register for the team,   personally I begin raising cash after the new years since the holidays are a time of much confusion  but remarkably , the cash you raise will come from many unlikely sources  and youll be left with a great feeling knowing you delivered some of the punches to help eradicate this diease , and to make those living who are living with it now , lives better.

Please consider Joining us


Much love,

Brian Mills


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