Meet Heather Leigh West ; Fierth contributor

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Meet Heather Leigh West ; Fierth contributor

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Leigh_West Early life and education Born into a theater family in New York City, West was always surrounded by creative talent. A graduate of Manhattan's La Guardia High School of Music and the Arts - Vocal Department, she developed her style as a member of the school's Gospel Choir. [edit]Career West has written and recorded songs for herself as well as other artists of many genres including: Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Dance and House. West's commercial debut came as the featured vocalist, credited under the moniker "She," on the 1995 Urban Discharge release Drop a House. The release peaked at number twenty-one, spending eleven weeks on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart and secured its place as a legendary club anthem. Despite the song's huge club success, Drop a House was unable to cross over to the airplay charts because it contained lyrics that were at the time considered explicit. Not credited by name, and later incorrectly credited as someone else on a subsequent vocal version, West would spend the next decade working to prove who "She" was.[citation needed] [edit]Further releases In 2000, West teamed up with Eddie X for the release of Vibe the Underground. The project was later featured on The Circuit Party Volume 1 compilation. In association with German music producer Da Hool in late 2003, West wrote and recorded Set the Stakes High for Germany's Kosmo Records. The single's early success in Europe led to its inclusion on numerous compilations worldwide. Soon after, Set the Stakes High saw its domestic debut on the American dance label Robbins Entertainment in 2004 where the release climbed to number twenty-one on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart. In 2004, West was asked to take part in a project with FIGJAM Records to benefit the ACLU Foundation’s Lesbian & Gay Rights and AIDS Projects. The album, a double-disc set titled Marry Me, with individual discs dubbed Ceremony and Reception, included West's single Eres Tu, produced by the Bodega Boys. Marry Me, which also included, among others, music by RuPaul and Ari Gold, was celebrated on November 16, 2004 at a record release gala held at XL in New York's Chelsea neighborhood.[1] In 2005, West partnered with New York based producer DJ Dove for her next single, Lift Me. The track, written by West, was released on Catch 22 Recordings and featured additional mixes by DJ Disciple. Though still nurturing her career in dance music, West made a departure of sorts from the genre when she began work on her first full length record in late 2005 with New York based music producer Valentino LaRosa. The album, a marriage of organic instruments, the synthetic sounds familiar to her dance music fans, is perhaps best described as Alternative/Soul. Appropriately titled, One (Valentino's Heather) the records name not only marks the first of many to come, but more importantly is a reference to unity. Forever striving to do something different from what she has before, West decided to reproduce the same material with a more laid back musical vibe to create a double release with One Extra Chilled - HLW On the Rocks. The album is currently available for preview as digital release on iTunes and is planned for official release on CD later in the year. West released a darkly artistic music video for the albums first single Fall Away. The video is available to view on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. In late 2007 West returned the studio with music producer DJ Dove to record a new dance single, Closer, co-written by West and fellow songwriters. The much anticipated single will be her first commercially available dance release since 2005. A big room house anthem, Closer beckoning all to "venga mas cerca (Come closer)," was released digitally through beatport.com on October 26, 2008. [edit]Commercial Releases [edit]Singles 1995 - Drop a House by Urban Discharge featuring She 1999 - Vibe the Underground by Eddie X presents Heather Leigh West 2003 - Set the Stakes High by Da Hool featuring Heather Leigh West 2004 - Eres Tu by The Bodega Boys featuring Heather Leigh West 2005 - Lift Me by DJ Dove featuring Heather Leigh West 2008 - Closer by DJ Dove featuring Heather Leigh West (Tendenzia Records, Italy) 2009 - Drop a House by Dj DeMarko featuring Heather Leigh West (Tommyboy Entertainment, USA) [edit]Albums (digital release) 2008 - One (Valentino's Heather) & One Extra Chilled - HLW On the Rocks [edit]Albums (CD) TBD - One (Valentino's Heather) & One Extra Chilled - HLW On the Rocks

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Meet Heather Leigh West ; Fierth contributor

(This is my word for all reader’s of FIERTH – because YOU ARE Fierth-nicity in Effect!!!!!)

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather Leigh West (aka HLW &/or Halo). I am thrilled to be a contributor to the next big thing: FIERTH.COM!!!!!

I am just a little blond girl – with a lot of love – light & positivity to bring to all of you… and a burning desire to do so!

I’m a native New Yorker born & raised on the very special island of Manhattan. I do all kinds of things but am mostly known for being a lover of life – a spreader of light & hope – and a Dropper of Houses.
A what of WHAT?!
I Drop Houses!
I am a little person who was gifted with a huge voice & I am the very same girl who asked “What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?!”
in the songs “Drop A House” [video] & “Feel It” — Also fondly referred to as “The Chimney Song” lol…
If you don’t think you know it – you probably do – if you are so inclined google it or me or both – you’ll find all the juicy details… xo

However, this is NOT why I am here on Fierth.com.
Although I will undoubtedly share things with you about my music & releases, my performances & projects…

The reason I am here is to share with you my own take on things. From things that piss me off & what I think needs to happen to rectify such things – to helpful processes that help me have better experiences & a smoother flow in my life. I may even ask YOU questions – just to see what you think & hopefully you will write in & let me know!

I will also be letting you know about people/places/things that are completely FIERTH & exciting that you should know about. Like new up & coming creative people of all kinds – from entertainers to designers to writers to gurus… you name it – if it crosses MY path & its FIERTH – I will be sharing it with you all…


It may seem ludicrous blaring at you from this page – but I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU – I REALLY DO! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I DON’T KNOW BUT ITS TRUE!
So much so that I want to prove it by finding a place in your heart & psyche that is safe, positive & reliable! This life is so crazy & at times so completely TRYING!
This is one thing we can do for one another to try to make this journey BETTER.. EASIER… MORE PLEASANT – for everyone – ACROSS THE BOARD….
So if you don’t like LOVE – you should probably go away… there is surely some darkness for you right around the corner.. just keep it over there…
And don’t waste your time OR energy trying to mess with our light – because don’t forget – I DROP HOUSES… so HEADS UP!!!!!
So to the NEG’S OUT THERE –

Welcome into existence & please show us what we cannot even imagine is possible… We are excited to ride your wave….! WORK IT OUT FIERTH!!!!!
With that I MUST include in this 1st issue a shout out to my heart of hearts – Frank Sinatra as today’s Fierth.com launch day 12/12 is Frank’s birthday & automatically makes this an extra special, significant day – A PERFECT BIRTHDAY FOR FIERTH! I am sure that I will refer to Frank from time to time because even now – its Frank’s world & we just live in it! (you still hear his voice ring out – all the time!)
I even gave my puppy the last name Sinatra – to keep him ‘SMOOTH”…That little puppy I refer to is “Jackson (you guessed it) Sinatra” & is the most precious little fluffy blond thing on the planet! Jackson will also be a regular character here as he is QUITE a character in my life! He even played Toto in the Drop A House video (which although there are a couple of un-official video’s of it – the official version is due out next Spring & I will keep you posted!).

Finally I guess I should jump right off & state that I am certainly a bit crazy – as most artists & creative people are — Actually & factually almost everybody is a little crazy but most can’t handle admitting it… Some of my views on life & positivity & spirituality may be a little out there to some of you – but for me it actually works – makes sense & is delicious – so take what works for you & leave whatever doesn’t… maybe consider things you never did before – it can’t hurt & it doesn’t cost you anything but a leap of faith… (I’m just sayin’) So I just wanted to clarify that I am well aware of my crazy side & quite honestly – I would never want to live this life without it… my crazy – keeps me sane ;o)

Ok – Now that I have introduced myself & given you a little idea of what to expect from me… I will conclude by saying Thank you Fierth & Brian Mills & Thank you readers for joining us & giving me a chance to be in your life!
Within this coming week I will be posting my 1st group of people/places/things that I wish to highlight & expose to the FIERTH-NICITY…

I could not be happier about Fierth.com & the Fierth-nicty being THE latest addition to my life… WELCOME!
HLW  aka Halo


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