FIERTH EXCLUSIVE: Backstage with Lady Gaga and pics from the show at Radio City NYC

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FIERTH EXCLUSIVE: Backstage with Lady Gaga and pics from the show at Radio City NYC

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, FIERTH EXCLUSIVE: Backstage with Lady Gaga and pics from the show at Radio City NYC,

On opening night of Lady Gaga’s NY concert leg, the excitement inside Radio City was thicker than a Chelsea meathead’s bulging biceps!
Everywhere you looked there was glitter, fake hair bows, sunglasses at night, sequins and fishnets. Then the lights dimmed and the crowd roared as the first few strings of “Dance in the Dark” began pulsing. La Gaga had the audience in thrall and wasn’t planning on letting go (until 11pm). Glimmering amid the smoke and mirrors, Gaga focused the concert on pure talent rather than washing herself out with super intricate special effects or over the top outfits (though is anything too over the top for Our Lady?). Video projections and light screens didn’t detract from the spangle and gyrating half-naked-ness on stage.  As expected, she spent most of the performance sans pants, channeling Material Girl era Madonna avec platinum blonde coif and black eyebrows, NY’s patron saint of freakishly fun nightlife Kenny Kenny and even a minxy Britney in red, though unlike Brit, she actually gave us voice. And in my favorite costume, Gaga was a twenty-first century Cleopatra with Egyptian goddess headgear, intricate golden bikini accessorized with wrist cuffs and a golden mace ball swinging from a chain.
Gaga showed us her Teeth, played a Lovegame with us and even mugged for the Paparazzi. Then, she slowed things down and tickled the ivory to make us Speechless. Disappointingly, there was no special appearance from Beyonce for a Telephone duet. But Our Lady and her dancing Monsters put on an amazing show, sweating profusely and keeping the energy levels hot like a power plant.  Her voice sounded just as good live as it does on her albums. And she easily kept up with the sizzling hot bumping and grinding.

Oddly the most bizarre thing about the concert was NOT GaGa’s costumes or the fans’ get-ups but the fact that everyone stormed out of Radio City like bats out of hell as soon as La Gaga and co. took their collective bow. No attempt to coax an encore out of her. Nothing. Just the event security brusquely asking everyone to get out.

Words by Javier Gonzalez

Concert Photos by Fierth’s Javier Gonzalez , Backstage Photos with Gil Zalez


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