Vodka Makes The Perfect Cocktail, But What Else Can It Do?

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Vodka Makes The Perfect Cocktail, But What Else Can It Do?

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, Vodka Makes The Perfect Cocktail, But What Else Can It Do?,

At a recent cocktail party, I was surprised to find people favoring brandy and bourbon drinks over vodka drinks. It surprised me because vodka has always seemed to me to be the go-to choice for a good drink. Maybe a Martini, a vodka tonic, a Cosmo, or even a Black Russian, all delicious drinks.

I’m a vodka fan, personally. And even though vodka seems to have fallen out of favor over the last few years as a perfect cocktail mixer, I still think the Martini is one of the best cocktails ever invented. I mean, there must be hundreds of martini recipes alone. And that doesn’t even touch on the whole Bloody Mary sect.

With vodka out of favor at the local bar, I started to wonder how else vodka might earn its keep, and found out something pretty interesting.

Vodka is versatile. i know several friends of Fierth will write in claiming blasphemy for not simply celebrating with it.

Vodka has many uses. Some of them are interesting and some are way out there. So read on to discover a countdown of some weird and wonderful uses for vodka.

16. Clean jewelry. Soak jewelry in vodka for five minutes, rinse and dry

15. Remove lipstick stains from clothing. Rub the stain with vodka, then throw into your regular wash.

14. Cure foot odor by washing your feet with vodka

13. Make a soothing ice pack. Mix one cup vodka and one cup water in a resealable freezer bag and freeze until slushy. Use to relieve sprains, aching muscles and tired eyes.

12. Treat an ear ache. Put a few drops of vodka in your ear, let set for a few minutes, then drain. The vodka will kill the bacteria that is causing pain in your ear.

11. Make a mouthwash – that’s right, mouthwash! If you want minty breath, but don’t want your boss to think you’ve had a three martini breakfast, try this recipe. Mix 1/2 cup cinnamon or 3-4 whole sprigs of fresh mint with one cup vodka. Seal in a jar and let flavors mingle for about two weeks. Strain the mixture through a coffee filter. To use, mix with warm water and rinse your mouth. But remember not to swallow!

10. Treat cold sores by applying a little vodka to the spot with a q-tip. Your cold sore will be gone within a few days, unless its herpes then dont share my glass.

9. Clear up your outbreak of teenage acne. Since alcohol is a commonly used ingredient in acne products, why not use vodka instead? Apply vodka to your face using a cotton ball. The alcohol in the vodka is an astringent which will clean, tighten pores and kill bacteria.

8. Clean your cheaters. Yes, vodka can clean your eye glasses. Simply wipe each lenss with a soft, clean cloth that’s been dampened with vodka. The alcohol will clean the glass, kill germs and remove dirt and grime that has built up on your lenses.

7. Clean and disinfect your razor. Fill a cup with vodka and soak your safety razor blade in it after shaving. The vodka will disinfect and clean any build up from the blade to help prevent rusting and keep it sharp.

6. Treat Poison Ivy. One of the many hazards of enjoying the great outdoors is an the sting and itch of poison ivy, oak or sumac. It can lead to a nasty, long-lasting rash. To avoid the rash, pour vodka on skin that has come into contact with poison ivy, and the alcohol will wash away the itchy culprit, Urushiol.

5. Freshen your laundry. Did your dog bring something smelly inside and lay it on your lap? Did your Caesar Salad miss your mouth and hit your shirt at lunch? Does your son work on a shrimp boat? When strong odors are a problem, use vodka to eliminate them. Keep a spray bottle of vodka handy in the laundry. Simply spritz the offending item with vodka and let dry before washing. Vodka kills odor-causing bacteria, but doesn’t leave a scent behind when dry. (Spot-test first to be safe.)

4. Keep it shiny. Make your chrome, glass and porcelain fixtures sparkle by wiping them with vodka. Just a few drops on a soft, clean cloth will cut the grease and add the shine.

3. Keep your hair healthy. Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo. to have a super clean scalp and extra shiny locks.
2. Get rid of mold. Fill a spray bottle with vodka and squirt the icky black stuff to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.
1. Mix it in just about any drinkable liquid or hire a mixologist to take you on a flavor journey


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