Fresh, healthy-looking skin is hot!

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Fresh, healthy-looking skin is hot!

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Fresh, healthy-looking skin is hot!,

Enrique Ramirez

Fresh, healthy-looking skin is hot!,

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, Fresh, healthy-looking skin is hot!, Everybody wants a peaches and cream or café au lait complexion.

But our skin’s ability to retain moisture declines with each passing decade (as well as) with every passing blizzard, hot shower or morning that you don’t use face or body moisturizer! Moral of the story? Moisturize!!! The moisturizing process should only take about two minutes of your starting time; from your visage to the tips of you toes.

Gym bunnies take note: skimpy gym attire with dry skin is not a sexy look!

Below are some helpful tips on how to keep your body’s exterior smooth and supple during the dry winter months.

Do not shower with hot water. Hot water only dries the skin further. Instead, use lukewarm water and a moisturizing body gel such as Neutrogena Rainbath® Shower & Bath Gel Original and apply Neutrogena® Body Oil after you shower while your skin is still damp.

Crank up the humidifier, especially at nighttime. It will keep your cavities lubricated…such as your eyes, sinuses and skin.

Load up on fish!!! These aquatic creatures are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which benefits your skin, hair, heart and all vital organs. If you happen to be a vegetarian, Omega-3 fatty acids also come in animal free capsules that can be purchased in many health and beauty shops, as well as stores such as Whole Foods.

Drink responsibly. It’s not my job to get you to stop drinking alcohol, but it is my job to make you aware that it’s very drying to your skin. Especially wine. It constricts blood vessels, which depletes the skin from getting its nourishment.

For your parched face, follow three simple steps: Wash your skin with a milky cleanser, Tone (toner helps to lock the moisture from the moisturizer), and Moisturize. During the day, your moisturizer has to contain  no less than SPF 15, and at night, a moisturizer free of SPF. During the day you will want to protect, and at night you will want to nourish the skin with vitamins and minerals. Read the label before you purchase moisturizer to make sure it’s to be used for dry skin.

Please don’t forget about your feet. And this tip should be applied all year long. I recommend using Foot Patrol from Bliss Spa, which has high-tech ingredients to hydrate and exfoliate all in one. It works wonders when used at night underneath your socks. Your heels will get that appealing look, so your mate won’t be bothered when you ask for a foot rub.

Hydrocortisone can be used in some cases when you get the itch, depending on what the cause is. (Ask your doctor or pharmacist) Apply a layer of hydrocortisone to the red itchy areas, followed by your body lotion or face moisturizer of choice.

Check your local spa listing and pay them a visit to get a body scrub and a hydrating facial to give your skin a boost of moisture. Or, if you happen to live in the New York area, come to my spa and get 30% off my Scrub ‘n’ Glow or my Desert Skin Facial. Both work directly to combat dry and dehydrated skin.

Feel free to send me an e-mail if you happen to have any questions, comments or suggestions: [email protected]

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‘Fresh, healthy-looking skin is hot!’


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