Transsexual film-maker Kimberly Reed wows America with her film “Prodigal Sons”

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Transsexual film-maker Kimberly Reed wows America with her film “Prodigal Sons”

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Transsexual film-maker documents journey of self-discovery

, Transsexual film-maker Kimberly Reed wows America with her film “Prodigal Sons”,

Kimberly Reed

Prodigal Sons is a documentary from film-maker Kimberly Reed that details her journey home to small-town Montana for her high school reunion. She originally attended high school as Paul McKerrow, an idolized, all-American, high school football quarterback. Now Paul is about to return home as Kimberly an newly transformed all-American, idolizing, lady-loving lesbian. The documentary chronicles the usual anxieties associated with a “normal” high school reunion with the added fears and frustrations of returning as a different gender. To her surprise, Kimberly is welcomed with open arms and her worries turn out to be unfounded. Other details of the film include an attempted reconciliation with an estranged adopted brother, revelations of blood relations with Orson Wells and Rita Hayworth all occurring while on a self-discovery journey that takes Kimberly from Montana to Croatia.

The film has earned 9 awards so far and has been called “exceptional” by the Village Voice and “superb” by the San Francisco Chronicle. The film is getting its cinematic release in NY in 2 weeks on Feb. 26 but you can catch it sooner in a one-night limited engagement at the Walter Reade at Lincoln Center Thurs., Feb. 11 at 6:30 pm.

Check out the trailer here http://prodigalsonsfilm.com/


Taken from original story at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/feb/07/kimberly-reed-prodigal-sons-transsexual





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