Escape from the Ape! Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…

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Escape from the Ape! Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…

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Escape from the Ape! Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…,

Enrique Ramirez

Escape from the Ape! Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…,

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, Escape from the Ape! Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…,

Escape from the Ape!

Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…

The best way to treat some of those long chest locks is to get a grooming tool from your local drugstore (e.g. Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart). Before you trim your landscaping, decide how short you want the hair. The attachments that come with the clippers range from completely shaved to just a simple trim! The attachments come in numbers, the higher the number the less you take off. The zeros are the ones that will remove everything!! Make sure to look at the numbers before you trim.
If you happen to be on the hairy side of the spectrum, I would recommend to go a bit shorter than usual this way the less often you need the upkeep. The dog days of summer are coming and a trimmed chest will keep you cool and dry.
Body grooming clippers –it comes well equipped with all the necessary attachments, combs, scissors, blade guards etc.  It also molds nicely to the body especially for hard-to-reach area such as the back or the back of the legs; which are the most difficult areas. Avoid the cordless ones, if you forget to charge the battery, you may end up with unfinished business. If you happen to be in the New York area, come by my spa and get The Dirty Hairy Cut treatment by me or one of my professional spa technicians.
Take your time and turn the lighting on a high setting. Many guys rush through this their body clipping treatment and miss areas and that’s not a good look. I’m certain your buddies will notice and won’t say a word. The grooming topic is still taboo in the locker room. Use caution around the nipple area or your friend below the waist! Cuts are painful and can put you out of commission for a day or two. Don’t rush!

The safest way to treat unruly eyebrows, ears and nose hair is to ask your barber. ‘Hey Bob, clean me up!’ Today’s barber is armed with all the right tools but if you’re still shy about it, get some courage to walk into any department store (if you’re single, excellent way to meet the gents behind the counter). Several harmless tools you need from our grooming allies: Brow Shaping Scissors and a Brush! Brush brows up to determine which hairs need trimming. Cut one hair at a time. You also need a tweezer. I know some of you fellas out there like to pluck the grays…this comes in handy for that. You can also tweeze the mid section of your brow to turn one eyebrow into two. While having a close encounter with the mirror clean your ears and nose with a Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer also found in most department stores. Growing wild hair is very common in guys after they hit a certain age. And if you’re reading this, than you know exactly what I’m talking about.

For an eyebrow clean up, the key is not to remove too much hair from underneath      since you may remove too much and leave your brows beautifully arched. Cutting the long hairs, tweezing the mid section and possible some corners will give you a natural and clean look. I would recommend this at least every three weeks. Some guys have high levels of testosterone which makes the hair grow fast and furious.

I never recommend Nair. It burns the skin and the bad smell lingers. I always recommend to leave large body areas to a professional for waxing or -even better- sugaring, which is the safest and most organic way to remove hair. Under desperate moments, I’d recommend a good shave. It’s faster and more practical than Nair. Wet the area, lather on your favorite shaving cream or gel and shave away. When shaving the shoulder area, direct the razor towards the neck to avoid breakouts. When completed, apply a body lotion with Aloe or Arnica to soothe and hydrate the skin. Same method as your beard area!

For larger body areas, I always recommend to seek assistance from a licensed esthetician. It’s OK to ask if the spa technicians are licensed. Unfortunately, many salons or spa owners prefer to hire unlicensed technicians to save money and this is where the horror waxing tales come from.

, Escape from the Ape! Grooming tips to get rid of unsightly hair…,

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