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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Leigh_West Early life and education Born into a theater family in New York City, West was always surrounded by creative talent. A graduate of Manhattan's La Guardia High School of Music and the Arts - Vocal Department, she developed her style as a member of the school's Gospel Choir. [edit]Career West has written and recorded songs for herself as well as other artists of many genres including: Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Dance and House. West's commercial debut came as the featured vocalist, credited under the moniker "She," on the 1995 Urban Discharge release Drop a House. The release peaked at number twenty-one, spending eleven weeks on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart and secured its place as a legendary club anthem. Despite the song's huge club success, Drop a House was unable to cross over to the airplay charts because it contained lyrics that were at the time considered explicit. Not credited by name, and later incorrectly credited as someone else on a subsequent vocal version, West would spend the next decade working to prove who "She" was.[citation needed] [edit]Further releases In 2000, West teamed up with Eddie X for the release of Vibe the Underground. The project was later featured on The Circuit Party Volume 1 compilation. In association with German music producer Da Hool in late 2003, West wrote and recorded Set the Stakes High for Germany's Kosmo Records. The single's early success in Europe led to its inclusion on numerous compilations worldwide. Soon after, Set the Stakes High saw its domestic debut on the American dance label Robbins Entertainment in 2004 where the release climbed to number twenty-one on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart. In 2004, West was asked to take part in a project with FIGJAM Records to benefit the ACLU Foundation’s Lesbian & Gay Rights and AIDS Projects. The album, a double-disc set titled Marry Me, with individual discs dubbed Ceremony and Reception, included West's single Eres Tu, produced by the Bodega Boys. Marry Me, which also included, among others, music by RuPaul and Ari Gold, was celebrated on November 16, 2004 at a record release gala held at XL in New York's Chelsea neighborhood.[1] In 2005, West partnered with New York based producer DJ Dove for her next single, Lift Me. The track, written by West, was released on Catch 22 Recordings and featured additional mixes by DJ Disciple. Though still nurturing her career in dance music, West made a departure of sorts from the genre when she began work on her first full length record in late 2005 with New York based music producer Valentino LaRosa. The album, a marriage of organic instruments, the synthetic sounds familiar to her dance music fans, is perhaps best described as Alternative/Soul. Appropriately titled, One (Valentino's Heather) the records name not only marks the first of many to come, but more importantly is a reference to unity. Forever striving to do something different from what she has before, West decided to reproduce the same material with a more laid back musical vibe to create a double release with One Extra Chilled - HLW On the Rocks. The album is currently available for preview as digital release on iTunes and is planned for official release on CD later in the year. West released a darkly artistic music video for the albums first single Fall Away. The video is available to view on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. In late 2007 West returned the studio with music producer DJ Dove to record a new dance single, Closer, co-written by West and fellow songwriters. The much anticipated single will be her first commercially available dance release since 2005. A big room house anthem, Closer beckoning all to "venga mas cerca (Come closer)," was released digitally through beatport.com on October 26, 2008. [edit]Commercial Releases [edit]Singles 1995 - Drop a House by Urban Discharge featuring She 1999 - Vibe the Underground by Eddie X presents Heather Leigh West 2003 - Set the Stakes High by Da Hool featuring Heather Leigh West 2004 - Eres Tu by The Bodega Boys featuring Heather Leigh West 2005 - Lift Me by DJ Dove featuring Heather Leigh West 2008 - Closer by DJ Dove featuring Heather Leigh West (Tendenzia Records, Italy) 2009 - Drop a House by Dj DeMarko featuring Heather Leigh West (Tommyboy Entertainment, USA) [edit]Albums (digital release) 2008 - One (Valentino's Heather) & One Extra Chilled - HLW On the Rocks [edit]Albums (CD) TBD - One (Valentino's Heather) & One Extra Chilled - HLW On the Rocks

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How happy I am that Spring has sprung & that NYC is buzzing the way it always does this time of year?! Another reason I adore living here! YAY!

My birthday is coming and this time of year always reminds me of that & of rebirth – where I am – were I want to be – what I am doing to get there… ahhhhh yes… the re-assessment of self…
Well this month I decided to write about just that!  Its all about YOU! No matter who we are – or where else we’d like to focus…
the reality is its all about YOU!  So here I am, completely getting into ME – its that time of year & that time – period.
I mean – don’t get me wrong! It’s all kinds of fun to get all wrapped up in people outside of ourselves, but not too far – because then where are you? What are YOU doing? …. so it is time to bring it back to YOU… & naturally, in this case, I would be bringing it back to…. moi…

Well – I am so so sooooo busy these days! 1st & foremost, I don’t now if you know this or not, but I manage the building I live in – so I am not only your little blond house droppin’ diva – but I am a “Super” – kinda fragalistic ex-pi-ala-do……cious… lol & I LOVE IT – because it is God/The Universe’s way of keeping me in check
Some nights I go out on the town or to do a show & I get MADD LOVE & PROPS & I am treated like ROYALTY – I kid you NOT! (Which is always so mind-blowing & I love you all for such incredible treatment – THANK YOU!) People Love on me & take pics & love on me some more.. which I of course adore…. Which is all delicious but THEN, I go home & I have to take out the garbage!!!!! LOLOLOLOL! Its as if God were literally saying to me: “Girl, YOU ARE FIERCE…. but you ain’t THAT fierce – go take out the trash!!!!!”  LOLOL – total ego check… WORK IT OUT UNIVERSE! hahahahaha!!!!!
Yes – we cannot – any single one of us – take ourselves too seriously… ever! (Not always easy to remember – but always true).

So I say all of that to preface my everyday life – and go on to let you know the past few months have found me diligently renovating my 1st floor apartment to prepare for new tenants… this renovation is HUGE! WAY larger than expected – way more expensive & way longer than initially anticipated.  I have come to learn that this is “normal” when you are doing such a job on a property… alas it is a true & remarkable education as well…. so I am up to my eyes in this renovation & very much looking forward to its conclusion so I can focus on other things… like MUSIC! YAY!

OK! SO! Since this piece is “ALL ABOUT YOU” that is what I am sharing this month – what is all about ME…
(You should do the same about you & your life – goals – dreams – plans – actions… it is so good for you!)

I have TONS of new projects coming up to tell about!
I know I already spoke of JFortino, up & coming soul artist that I collaborated with on 2 fabuous tracks. One a ballad duet called “My Love” (beautiful if I might say so myself) & “Fearless People”, which is a bangin’ dance anthem, from JFortino’s self titled album project featuring both Dawn Tallman (yes kids, the legendary diva xo) & myself (HLW)… its such an uplifting song – I am so excited for it to be officially released!  Many of theFierth faces were kind enough to cameo in the video which I am sure will be covered on Fierth.com (***Brian MIlls, PHDJ, Eric Halliwell, among others plus fab kids from the NYC scene!)  Mike Diamond was on set for his usual antics & journalistic delicacies… he is one of a kind as you know!  It was fun fun fun & please keep your eyes peeled regarding the release – as it is sure to be an event all its own! xo *Check JFortino out @:http://jfortino.com/

I know I also mentioned the tracks I did with DaHool on my holiday excursion (remember Germany for 3 hours – lol) well the song “Don’t Hold Back”, which was one of the 3 we did that day – is due to be released on We Play Records! a European label – in upcoming months – I promise to let you know when…yay!

Next on the project list is “Pure Love” (no not a cover of 100%) I am THRILLED to announce that I am working on a brand new dance track with none other than Nick Harvey! He is sooooo amazing! He did one of my favorite remixes of “Drop A House” on the TommyBoy Records release last year… you already know his beats even if you don’t yet know his name YET – he has done many mixes played by Junior… and just released “Crave” withRyan W! *Another up & coming artist you should check out for sure!  Find him at: http://www.ryanwmusic.com/
So “Pure Love” is in the works right now & will be coming at you this summer…
Nick & I are SO EXCITED! xoxoxoxoxo BTW – Nick will get your butt in motion so PLEASE check him out at: http://www.nickharveymusic.com

Right on the heels of that project is “I Get What I Want” – a fun fun fun pop confection meant to be a mantra – its silly but truly meant as a manifestation so that we can all get whatever it is that we want… not in a greedy way – but in a universal way… once again attracting & creating what we want… I am doing this with *Mimi Loves Music* (VJ & entertainer extraordinaire) – I am awaiting the track – once I have it I will announce the producer, who I am very excited to be working with!

I am also excited to announce that I am going to be singing live on the S.W.I.S.H. (Straight Women In Support of Homos) float at this years NYC Pride Parade!!!!! If you do not know about this fabulous organization FIND OUT HERE: http://swishpride.org/

Finally, I am in the process of putting together my dream band – with whom I will be recording my next album project & then touring… I am so excited about this because although I love all kinds of music – there simply is nothing like singing with live musicians… the band will also feature a DJ – this project is something that I am so completely and wholeheartedly looking forward to & I can’t wait to share this side of my musical flavor with you all… its mostly a soul vibe but with many various elements mixed in… every member has amazing things to bring to the table that the sky is limitless – I”m excited for the ride!!!!!

So as I march back up to the renovation (gotta get back to work!) these projects are what I am day dreaming about… I can’t wait!

I have to just say, as we continue to lose people left & right every single day, Don’t let life escape you! Don’t allow what has held you back to continue doing so! Don’t forget to make that call to whomever or take that step you’ve been meaning to take — because there are people who thought they were waking up today who didn’t… they don’t have the same luxury we have to still make things happen in this life… so please do everything in your power to make your life as happy & fulfilling as you can – by doing so you do the same for everyone you come into contact with… help make the world better! xoxoxoxoxo
HLW aka Halo


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