Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Nite Club

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, Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Nite Club,

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Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Nite Club,
THE KIKI TWINS are fraternal fashion twins, LT & AC. This twin-sational duo have been a staple in the NYC Underground scene, having performed at notable hot spots including Irving Plaza, Santos Party House, Crowbar, CBGB, Roxy, Knitting Factory, Splash, to name a few. They earned notable success as former members of the underground rap sensation, DaLipstyxx. They are known to never take themselves too seriously while having fun wherever they go.

THE KIKI TWINS chat up Nite Club, whose latest album, My Tronic, is in constant rotation on their playlist.  Get into it!


1. So tell us, what is the most FIERTH thing about you?
The love for music and making music. That’s the most important thing in life, and preserving this takes nothing less than the fire in the face of adversity. Pushing away distraction’s even if that means taking the “unpractical” path.
2. What type of art do you create?
I create personal art from a universal consciousness. learning, appreciation, and giving back to the world, a never-ending story.
3. What’s going on right now for you?
I just finished recording quite a lot of music during a 3 month stay in Japan. Currently, I’m doing remixing, production and mastering with a handful of other artists.

Nite Club hit New York City pretty heavy for CMJ with live parties and most recently with Teengirl Fantasy for the Hartford Party Union in Connecticut.  Our next show is Dec 4th at The House Of Yes in Bushwick, which I’m really looking forward!
4. What’s on your plate for the rest of 2010?
I’m going to make music videos for every song on My Tronic.  Of course, I’m always open to new and interesting collaborations.
So far, I’ve been sooooo lucky to work with visionaries like Poolsideign and Tayisha Busay.

I’ll also be working with several artists from Dame Dashes new label, DD172. There’s a lot of interesting things happening at their office/gallery in Tribeca,
and I’m glad to be a part of it.

There is a Tokyo-based band, The Samos, who have an album dropping soon with some of the most complex dance productions out right now. You can expect some Nite Club collabs (but you didn’t here this from me………..).

Last but not least, I’ll be putting out a couple of compilation’s this year with my friends.  The first one will be a revival of the once-vibrant style known as Jungle, which was the precursor to Drum & Bass and Dubstep.

5. Who’s on your radar? Who should we be keeping an eye on?
The Brooklyn Jungle Renaissance in 2011!!  I’m also hoping to see genres like Merengue and Ambient music cross over to the masses next year.
6. What is something no one knows about you?
I think everyone knows I’m an astronomy geek. My telescope is my second best friend after my synthesizer.
Lately I’ve been getting into Quantum Mechanics. It’s so inspiring learning how humans can comprehend realms we can’t even see, much like music.
7. What are some of your pet peeves?
People who are ALL talk. It’s all a New York experience, though, and dealing with these kinds of people will make us stronger, smarter, and more tolerant.
8. If you could be anywhere right now doing anything with anyone, tell us where, what and with who it would be.
I’d have to time travel to 1910 in Paris where I could meticulously watch Claude Debussy as he writes his piano preludes.
9. Where can people find out more about you and keep up with you?

One final question…
10. Are we there yet?
Yes and no. I’m content with my ability right now, but as always, I want to go farther, higher and deeper towards the light. It’s a never-ending story.
Thanks for having me!
, Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Nite Club,


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