Gerry Visco Vamps It Up!

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, Gerry Visco Vamps It Up!,

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Gerry Visco Vamps It Up!,


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On Monday night I performed at Gerry Visco’s show “The Gerry Party” at The Wild Project. It was one of those crazy nights that only can happen in New York City – and I LOVED it, kids! Just like the old days!

I think Gerry’s vision was to have a loose party style show. Things got loose for sure..including my Gay Fiancé MAN-ee Champagne drooling over Gio Black Peter and Fixx Invictus!  Ah, well, I can’t blame him, Gio does have a gorgeous cock. Anyway, I love Gerry Visco and think she is an amazing woman, who has a heart of gold and gorgeous rack (we have so much in common!).

Once the show got started there wasn’t any formal line-up so we just had to decide when to go on, etc. This was part of Gerry’s vision I think… some of the other performers were Charlie Demos, Gabe Fuller The Virgin Queen, Katie Madonna Lee, Rico Noguchi and the legendary Penny Arcade. The unexpected addition to the cast was a pit bull named Sir Pudge, the canine roommate to Cole Nahal the director of the show.

I went on after Charlie Demos and his sexy girls including the gorgeous Kristen Tabbutt, who sexily hypnotized the audience with their Black Widow number. Charlie is an edgy performer who is always on point. I admire him! He’s not only talented but also a very nice guy…

Although Cole was the director of the show, he said that Gerry was not a force to be controlled and suggested that it might be a good time to join her onstage and shake the crowd up.  So I sauntered onto the stage and deep tongued Gerry to get her attention – and get her off the stage.  The woman knows how to use those lips! Anyway after tongue fucking Gerry I took the mic and I did a few of my standard jokes – to zero laughter. I thought to myself…”remind me not to tell these again when I’m sober!” My last heart tugging anecdote about my mother telling me I was as pretty as Liza Minnelli – from 80 feet away did strike a chord so I figured it was a good point to wow the kids and busted into Liza’s “New York New York”.

To my confusion, dismay and then eventual delight Sir Pudge walked on stage half way through the number. What IS a queen to do? Go with it…Kids! I have to say it was one of the best performances I’ve ever done. I even got a few of the audience off their feet…Thank you Pudge, you and I were amazing – let’s work together again soon.

On next was Gabe Fuller who really is an excellent singer and songwriter. I adore “The Virgin Queen” and his make-up is flawless…tips please Gabe! After this there was a sing along of “You are my sunshine”. I joined in and danced with the lovely girl playing a dead Alice in Wonderland or Edward Gorey character or something, anyway she was absolutely delightful.

I then went out in the audience to watch what happened next. Penny Arcade took the stage. She did one of her signature numbers and all was going well. Penny can capture an audience like no one else. She is amazing! Towards the end of her monologue her music stopped and the DJ Tyler Stone got a bit flustered and tried to start the music over. Penny told him it was okay and to just go with it – she was in the middle of her monologue and didn’t want to lose the flow…he snapped back and told her “Your five minutes were up five minutes ago”, he may have used the word “bitch” but I wasn’t certain. Penny in her diva style picked up the mic stand, threw it to the floor and walked off the stage.

In all the chaos Katie Madonna Lee ran up on stage, grabbed the mic from Gerry and started telling at Tyler to apologize to Penny. She told him he was nothing and Penny was a legend and he should fucking apologize. The drama, kids! I very nearly peed myself – I was certainly wet (but that could have been the gin spilling out of a drink from the rather messy creature next to me). But then Penny came from backstage with her coat in hand, smile on her face and hugged Katie for defending her and then also hugged DJ Tyler and walked out. Since I adore Penny so much I took that as my cue to hit the road…

I stepped into the dressing room and was applying my cold cream and had slipped on my dressing gown when Ricky Jones came in, took one startled look at me and said “The blush really fell off that rose”…

Well I never!  BUT as with Miss Arcade I am impervious to embarrassment and don’t really give a shit what people think of my looks! MargOH! had been a glammed up drag queen all weekend and was simply done!

In the end MAN-ee and I had a really fabulous time. I have to thank Gerry for asking me to perform. It truly was one of those unique, weird and zany evenings that you can only find in one place in the world. I can’t wait until the next installment – I hope to see you there!

Only in New York City kids…

Kisses, MargOH!



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