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Landcraft Environments , Gardening: Tropicale!,

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 By Mike Diamond

Landcraft Environments , Gardening: Tropicale!,

It’s getting hot in hurrr!…okay, not quite yet, but soon. Spring is about to morph into summer, and as the temperatures rise, why not add some tropical flavor to your garden? Be it backyard suburban oasis or terrace garden high above the city, one fabulous resource for tropical plants is Landcraft Environments.

“As wholesale growers of unusual annuals and tropicals, we like to stay ahead of the curve and keep our customer base always ‘wowed’”, explains Landcraft’s General Manager, Heather Quinlan. “…being in business for 20 years, we’ve always known tropicals are a necessary part of EVERY garden!”
While on plant shopping spree this season, keep your eyes peeled for the colorful Landcraft logo; it’s a guarantee of healthy, well grown plants, more than likely its also an out of the ordinary variety, if not downright bizarre! Some of the selections include uber-tropical cannas such as the exotic, purple leaved ‘Australia’; the prickly bromeliad Dyckia ‘Burgundy Lace’ (a member of the pineapple family); and Farfugium japonicum ‘Cristata’ a winter hardy knockout with bizarrely frilled grey green foliage, and yellow daisy like flowers in late summer.

According to Quinlan, the ‘secret’ for growing healthy, gorgeous tropical plants is “water…too many people over water plants and end up rotting the roots out and then wonder what happened…or on the other extreme don’t water enough. In the heat of July and August, even September, depending on your pot size or location of a plant in the garden it could need water daily”. What are the best plant selections for beginner gardeners? “For real beginners, any kind of succulent/cacti would be a good starting point” explains Ms. Quinlan, “any Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Agave, etc. By nature they are drought tolerant and therefore will take a lot of abuse from a beginner! There’s always the fool-proof bloomers like Lobularia, Petchoas, or Lantanas that will give you continuous color throughout the season with enough water and little to no maintenance a beginner would have success”.
Many of Landcraft’s gorgeous plants do double duty; after a summer in the garden, they can double as houseplants to brighten up your home during the gloomy days of winter. Some good varirites for indoor gardening include Musa ‘Truly Tiny’ banana; the pschydelic color of explosion that is Acalypha ’Lance Copper Leaf; and any of the several ‘elephant ear’ plants (Colocasia and Alocasias) for equatorial vibe. Landcraft plants are available at choice nurseries and plant shops in the Northeast, as well as mail order companies such as Logee’s Tropical Plants. A list of retailers can be found here:
Landcraft Retail Locations

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