WATCH: Live Action Re-Make of Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go”

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WATCH: Live Action Re-Make of Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go”


A live action remake for all fans of Disney’s latest animated epic “Frozen”

The story:

I went out of town for work and when I got back, my wife Julie told me, “You’ve got to hear this. She puts on the music and my little 4 year old Adanna struts and shimmies across the living room singing every single word of “Let it go” with feeling and reckless abandonment!! Along with every other kid in the country, She got “Frozenitis!

My mind immediately started racing and I thought “I HAVE TO AFRICANIZE THIS!!!

But it needed to have a unique twist. How cool would it be to actually have kids performing this? Seeing as they are the the biggest fans!

So I called up my friend Masa Fukuda who just happens to have a 140 strong choir of the most incredible singing kids and asked if he was willing to collab on my crazy idea of doing an africanized version of frozen. He loved the idea! by the next day, he had already rounded up some choir members, produced the music, and recorded the choir in his studio. He was a machine!! We needed an incredible soloist and he suggested Lexi Walker (a member of his choir) to sing and she just blew me away!

The singing ability, discipline, and professionalism of the kids was just astounding to me!

WATCH: Live Action Re-Make of Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go”


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