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Fierth i-ON Interview with FRANKIE SHARP,


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Fierth i-ON Interview with FRANKIE SHARP,


Frankie Sharp came to New York from San Francisco in 2009 and quickly earned himself a place amongst the top promoters. His wildly successful Tuesday night party Westgay at Westway, is a smash because it’s not a place where you end up, you want to be there. All too often we compare parties from “back in the day” to what we see in New York now, Frankie’s events defy that, Bringing new design, personalities, great music and the holy grail of parties – VIBE to create great nights out. Frankie exudes FUN in all that he does and between him and his team, your good time is their pleasure. Get to know Frankie Sharp.

Fierth i-ON Interview with FRANKIE SHARP,

FIERTH: What is your name?
FRANKIE: Frankie Sharp

FIERTH: Do you have a nick-name?
FRANKIE: “Hey Queen”


FIERTH: Where are you based, where do you call home?
FRANKIE: “NEW YORK CITY”!!!!!!! And I think always and forever.

FIERTH: How tall are you?
FRANKIE: 5’10”

FIERTH: What is your motto?
FRANKIE: You own everything. Everything is yours. But really… everything is OURS.

FIERTH: How do you describe your work?
FRANKIE: Responsibly organizing a kaleidoscope of everything wonderful and guiltless while simultaneously Personality and Ego managing.

FIERTH: What about your work frustrates you?
FRANKIE: Not being able to LITERALLY do it in my sleep. I would love that.

FIERTH: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
FRANKIE: Everything I’ve ever done. Life is a wonderful and crazy ride and the ups the downs, the accomplishments, the mistakes… I’m proud of it all. Oh and The Village Voice cover and Out Mag, as it’s my first national press I’ve received.

FIERTH: What do you like most about what you do?
FRANKIE: Being able to create a place for my friends to be headless and act up and feel wonderful. Working with incredible artists every single day; looking forward to doing the same on a bigger scale. Making my dreams come true is what I love the most.

FIERTH: How do you keep it real?
FRANKIE: Watching the History Channel and chatting with my Father every day.

FIERTH: What is the secret to success?
FRANKIE: Inspired action, Authentic living being honest always. Thanks Oprah!

FIERTH: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
FRANKIE: I’m learning French on Rosetta Stone, I wish I was fluent in French and Japanese. SO CHIC!

FIERTH: What exactly are you wearing right now?
FRANKIE: Basically my uniform as of late… Black Nasty Pig Socks, Black Basketball shorts by Michael Magnan that says “ANYWAZ” and a Hood by Air T-shirt.

FIERTH: What motivates you in life?
FRANKIE: Love, Music, Sex, Clothes, Money, our planet and our people I’m passionate about all of those things.

FIERTH: If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what do you think you would be doing?
FRANKIE: Pop Star.

FIERTH: Have you ever felt hopeless? How did you get through it?
FRANKIE: I had a bad moment after a break up and a job loss one year. I looked in the mirror and saw a really pitiful defeated person that I did NOT recognize. I decided it was time to start living again or the only other option was to die. It was obvious what I decided. So I got back in the gym, did the things I wanted to do, cut out the negative people and focused on only the positive and happy.
My best friend also passed this on to me, it really speaks the truth

FIERTH: If someone wrote a biography on your life, what do you think the title should be?

FIERTH: How would your best friend describe you?

FIERTH: What are some qualities you value in your friends?

FIERTH: List 5 quirky things about yourself.
FRANKIE: Obsessed with my hair, I only wear shorts because pants make me feel suffocated, I sleep with SIX pillows surrounding me, I have an unhealthy obsession with Red Vines, If it were dietically possible I would be a carnivore.

FIERTH: What were you like as a child?
FRANKIE: Creative and Bossy. The same as I am now.

FIERTH: Where did you grow up?
FRANKIE: All over the world, my father worked for the government we lived everywhere. I was born in the Philippines, we moved to Japan, Germany and all over the United States. I was the new kid ALL THE TIME. I loved it.


FIERTH: What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
FRANKIE: Thinking I was hot shit and better than everyone. I’ve since humbled it was gross.

FIERTH: My generation was …
FRANKIE: Resourceful.

FIERTH: The kids today …
FRANKIE: Distracted.

FIERTH: What makes you angry?
FRANKIE: Insecure people who are reactionary and who do not do personal work to sort out their insecurities. I’ve met many; they’re capable of some dark, ugly stuff.

FIERTH: What brings you the most joy?
FRANKIE: Confident people who live inspired and honest.

FIERTH: Write a brief story about an actual accidental adventure you’ve had.
FRANKIE: All of them would be too incriminating for me and everyone involved. Let’s just say I live a very full life every single day.

FIERTH: What’s the strangest thing you’ve done this month?
FRANKIE: Try to get really close to Lil Kim in the green room at WestGay before she performed to figure out what scent she was wearing.

FIERTH: What’s something about yourself that no one knows?
FRANKIE: I’m a classically trained singer and went to a Performing Arts High School

FIERTH: Ever had a rumor spread about you?
FRANKIE: Lots. Part of my job is being a nightlife promoter that puts a target on your head, especially to other promoters. They all like to gossip and come for me. I get it, I’d be mad at me too if I wasn’t working as hard. I just try to do things as honest and genuine as I can.

FIERTH: Describe a time when you made the best of a public gaffe.
FRANKIE: Not really good at that. I’m clumsy. But, WestGay is kind of embarrassing in a totally shameless fun sort of way, but I turned it into a spectacle that everyone wants to go to and should.
Oh and someone told me I would never get the accolades for anything I’m doing with nightlife as I wasn’t able to have the crossover (that he did). I ended up on the cover of The Village Voice because of my work in night life. So there!

FIERTH: What is the worst advice you have ever gotten?
FRANKIE: Someone once told me with my work to “Prepare for the worst”. HORRIBLE advice as I ALWAYS “Expect the Best”. I tend to want to beat people over the head with talent and showmanship in these events I produce and often times I run a huge risk. What if Lil Kim doesn’t show up? What if the police come after us? What if there’s a minor there? I just have to look forward and expect and know that tonight’s going to be the best night ever. At the end of every WestGay I think, that was the best WestGay yet.


FIERTH: Are you a morning or night person?
FRANKIE: Both, but depends what time of the year it is. I mean I get home from work often at 5-6am in the morning. But I also love an early morning, walk around my neighborhood when no one’s around, grab the paper and coffee. Also one of my favorite things to do is go for a walk and grab coffee and pass by the kids packing it into school and think “I’m SO fucking glad I’m an adult now going to school sucked so hard and I never have to do that shit AGAIN.” OK that sounded kinda creepy and that was a weird tangent.

FIERTH: What were you doing last night at Midnight?
FRANKIE: Watching the Amy Schumer show on Comedy Central, which inspired me to book her this morning for WestGay in July. I’ve never had a stand-up comedian there before as an act, but I think it will be genius and the gays will love it.


FIERTH: What do you daydream about?
FRANKIE: My future. My future bank account. My future home. My future partner. My future kids.

FIERTH: What do you think is the meaning of life?
FRANKIE: Happiness. Gratitude. The journey of becoming exactly who you want to be. Living every day exactly like you want to. And when that is happening, when you are on that exact path, you can feel it in your heart and stomach. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s like surfing… when you catch that wave and ride it out it feels wonderful but scary, steady but uneasy, familiar but daunting. It’s beautiful.

FIERTH: What is your beauty secret?
FRANKIE: Water and Perfect hair.

FIERTH: What would be the introduction song to a movie based on your life?
FRANKIE: Beef Jerky by Cibo Matto

FIERTH: Describe your home in 6 words or less.
FRANKIE: A giant closet with a bed.

FIERTH: Do you collect anything?
FRANKIE: Clothing.

FIERTH: Do you have any obsessions right now?
FRANKIE: WestGay, Jeremy Scott, Trenton Ducati, Casey Jane Ellison, Charles Aznavour and Astrology.

FIERTH: What’s the weirdest item you’ve ever mourned losing?
FRANKIE: I wore these white fox fur Bernhard Willhelm sneakers to Fire Island the first time I went obviously not knowing how to pack for it. I freaked out and thought they acquired bedbugs so I left them behind. UGH, they were brilliant.

FIERTH: What is your greatest extravagance?
FRANKIE: Weekly Steak Frite at Lucien. Hardly even an extravagance, but I can’t live without it.

FIERTH: What is your guilty pleasure?
FRANKIE: MTV’s The Real World and complaining about it on Twitter after each new episode. Every time I say I’ll never watch it again.

FIERTH: If you could buy anything regardless of cost, what would you buy?
FRANKIE: A new home for my parents.

FIERTH: What is your “Safety Word”?
FRANKIE: “Get the hook.”

FIERTH: You can trade places with any other person, living or dead, for 24 hours. Who would you choose and why?
FRANKIE: Hugh Jackman and Id cruise WeHo until I score a bunch of trade then karaoke later with my weirdo Broadway friends. Maybe that or Barack Obama, I’d come back with so much insight and I’d write a book, “My 24 hours as The President of The United States: A True Story.”

FIERTH: Who are your main inspirations?
FRANKIE: Bjork, Jeremy Scott, The WestGay dancers, my Mother & Father and David.

FIERTH: Who do you have your eye on right now?
FRANKIE: Amy Cakes my assistant IS and is going to continue to be ICON. As well as Aaron of TOP8FRIENDS and DJ Dicap and Sam banks, a big personality who’s shameless mouth is a performance on its own. All part of the WestGay family and all are going to do incredible sickening things. I can’t wait!

FIERTH: Which stars, if any, leave you star struck?
FRANKIE: Beyonce was the only person I’ve met who made me act like a legitimate weirdo.

FIERTH: Which celebrity do you suspect is actually a hologram?
FRANKIE: I dont know who is actually a hologram but perhaps Beyonce is an Alien? Shes just beyond. But I do know the coolest actual holograms Ive seen were Tupac at Coachella and Kate Moss at the A/W 2006 McQueen finale.

FIERTH: Whom do you despise?
FRANKIE: I don’t despise anyone. I have compassion though for a lot of people. Insecurity and Paranoia makes for an ugly combo on some New Yorkers.

FIERTH: What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
FRANKIE: My ex came to my family’s house during Christmas. That was really sweet to me and special.

FIERTH: Do you believe in karma?
FRANKIE: YES. But I never wish bad harm onto anyone.

FIERTH: Which places have you traveled to that you feel had changed your perspective of the world?
FRANKIE: Berlin. I wish NYC wasn’t so conservative. Berlin is NO HOLDS BARRED and I imagine that’s what NYC felt like 30 years ago.

FIERTH: Which causes do you believe in the most in, and why?
FRANKIE: Transgendered Equality. It’s the most honest most direct most unfathomable sub community within our GLBT community. Without sounding ignorant and basic, it seems like such an intense struggle that I just will never know what that feels like.

FIERTH: What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
FRANKIE: “You’ll never work in this town again” said to me by my first boss in New York.

FIERTH: If you could choose a superhero power, what would it be, and how would you use it.
FRANKIE: Flight and super strength. I’m so over limited leg room and security checks. If I could get one more, just for comfort perhaps Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane.

FIERTH: What are you going to do next?
FRANKIE: WestGay Fire Island with Brooke Candy and Cazwell, perhaps MIA. Continuing on Westgay every Tuesday. Not to mention incredible one offs and concerts here in NYC and around the world.

FIERTH: Leave us a quote to carry on with:
FRANKIE: “You own everything. EVERYTHING IS YOURS.”

FIERTH: How can we keep in touch with you?
Face book: facebook.com/frankiesharp 
WestGay Offical Facebook Page facebook.com/westgaynyc
Webpage: frankiesharp.com
Twitter: twitter.com/frankiesharp
Email : [email protected]
Tumblr : tumblr.com/frankiesharp


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