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  • Read All of Rihanna’s 69 Lines from BATTLESHIP

    Rihanna made her splash into acting in the Pro-Army – Board Game based movie , Battleship. Much Like her music where the sultrly singer wretch’s out sounds instead of viable lyrics. Her acting style is kept to short syllable style statements and gestures, adding up to a total of 386 words for the entire Two hour and eleven minute movie.

  • 2012 Oscar Nominations: Full List

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Oscar Nominations 2012: Full List

  • Word Association with Deven Green

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – With over 9 million views of her videos, a plethora of comedy awards and international web recognition Deven has thoroughly finger-blasted the zeitgeist out of the American lexicon. Headlining with her real-life husband and comedy partner Joel Bryant, they have performed from the Middle East to Vegas to Pride to maximum security prisons and every brothel in between.


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