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  • Working Out When You Are Sick—Yes or No?

    A little achy.. then a sneeze—then another. UH OH you are sick. Then you ask yourself—Should I be working out?

  • Pump up the Volume – By Ken Hunt

    Part of the reason actors and models look so toned in the pages of magazines is that they utilize quick workouts that pump up their abs, chests, and arms minutes before baring their bodies. Why shouldn’t you do the same before you hit the beach or that next big event?

  • Summer Workout Tips by Ken Hunt

    As the old song goes—“Hot Time Summer in the City.” And, while it’s a great time of year it does get hot. Sometimes even dangerously hot, and seemingly too hot to go work out.But this is not the time for a little summer break from fitness, because you may be hurting yourself in the longer term.

  • Spring Fitness Tips : Summer’s coming..

    HTTP:..FIERTH.COM – Don’t look now but—Memorial Day is just around the corner. And along with the unofficial start of summer comes new and exciting ways to “freshen up” your work outs. In addition to going to the gym, you can supplement your routines by taking advantage of the warm weather and getting outside to exercise. You can trade the treadmill for the sidewalk or street and replace the inside of the gym or health club with the beach or pool.

  • Stay Healthy – Have MORE Sex

    Sex does a body good in a number of ways, that are not just anecdotal or hearsay — these health benefits of sex is backed by scientific scrutiny. Sex is a great mode of exercise.!

  • Ken’s New Year Resolutions: A Guide to your Body, Mind and Heart for 2013

    This is the time of year when we all think about the changes we want to make to improve our health and happiness. Many people are critical of New Year’s Resolutions, but I like to embrace them and use them as a positive roadmap forward.

  • Taking Care Of Your Largest Organ…

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Taking Care Of Your Largest Organ… If you’re investing time in a regular workout routine, your body thanks you, but your skin may be paying the price. Keep in mind that a quick shower and a rinse with antibacterial soap may not be the best post-workout skincare regime. And you don’t always have to spend hundreds of dollars on the MOST expensive skin care products.

  • Getting To Your Beach Body By Ken Hunt

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM -Don’t look now but it’s almost swimsuit season. Are you ready to rock that Speedo? Here are some tips to get you beach-ready.

    First, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps you are carrying around a few extra pounds from the winter doldrums. Like most of us, you probably have your own routine for loosing weight. I have only two suggestions. Watch your diet and sweat. Also be realistic about your weight lose goals. Experts say you can safely loose 2 pounds a week. Realistically you can expect to loose 1 pound per week. In 8 weeks you will be down 8 pounds which will make a huge difference in how you look in your swimsuit. (or naked for that matter).


    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Don’t look now but Labor Day is here. And the end of the summer is truly upon us. Where did the time go? And although you might not want to bid farewell to the warm temperatures, sunny days and your summer work out routines, remember that crisp fall weather is made for physical activity. — Walking, running, biking, in-line skating are all fair game.
    Here are some tips to help you fall into fitness!

  • Sweating it Out : Summer Workout Safety

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – The Dog Days of Summer are upon us. I can’t remember a summer that has been as hot and sweltering as this one. And as much as we all like to get out and enjoy the warmer weather—whether you are running, playing a pickup game of basketball, going for a power walk, or a long stroll on the beach, take care when the temperatures rise. If you exercise outdoors in hot weather, use these common-sense precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

  • Less to Love ( Getting a Grip on Your Love Handles )

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Lose those Love handles A sure fire way to trim down fast!

    Ok so you really over did it during the 4th of July weekend. You looked in the mirror and its not a pretty sight. You are—how shall we say—slightly swollen around the middle. Or in other words, it’s the return of the “Love Handles.” GASP!

  • Hot Fun in the Summer Time! By Ken Hunt

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Happy Summer. I have really been eager for Summer to get here. And I am sure you are too. More importantly, I am eager to share with you some new ideas and fresh thinking on fitness. Now even if your winter fitness break has stretched into Spring, there is still plenty of time to get things in gear. Plus I have developed some new routines that will be perfect for your time at the beach or at the pool.

  • EAT ME-How to Eat Well and Healthy for the Summer

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM -Summer is the time to shed layers of clothes—as well as
    some pounds. So who doesn’t like walking around with a great looking tank to or shirtless. You want to look your best this summer. And since Memorial Day is right around the corner. So how will drop those last few pesky pounds? Well, you could choose a stringent diet, but what about just enjoying all the wonderful foods the season
    brings? You’ll slim down and do wonders for your health. Here are some

  • Getting Testy- The Benefits of Testosterone

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – I have received many letters recently asking about the benefits of increased testosterone as it relates to fitness . I am sure you have read about the benefits of testosterone and probably discussed it a length with your friends or even your doctor. For men, testosterone helps maintain bone density, fat distribution muscle strength and mass red blood cell production sex drive and the all important sperm production.

  • A Call to Arms or Which Way to the Gun Show? Spring Fitness tips for the week

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – A Call to Arms or Which Way to the Gun Show? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. Now admit it — who doesn’t like a great set of arms? And, let’s have a show of hands –how many of you have bought a size smaller t-shirt just to make your arms look bigger? But aside from flexing, your bis and tris are involved in many daily activities. For maximum results you need to separate you bicep and triceps workouts. I’ve got some advice and tips to share —

  • March Madness Fitness Tips

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Believe it or not, there are a few other shows to watch on TV besides, GLEE, American Idol and the Bridezillas. If you like sports and even if you don’t, you might be noticing an overwhelming amount of basketballs games on TV this time of year. … It’s time for March Madness!

  • Shock and Awe: by Ken Hunt

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – We have all hit a “Workout Wall” now and then. You might also know this as a plateau. It’s tough when you have been working so hard and doing everything right and you can’t seem to move the needle forward in your workout routine. When that happens don’t jump off the plateau, its just time to shake things up a bit. So here are some suggestions that work for me.

  • Wrestling for Fitness

    http://www.fierth.com – I have always enjoyed playing a variety of sports, in addition to working out. In high school and college, I played tennis, football and was on the track and swim team. I also wrestled. Wrestling is a great sport, and demands a certain type of training. When I first started to get bigger, a talent scout for one of the big wrestling promotions approached me about joining their training program for new talent. At that time, professional wrestling wasn’t quite the “industry” it is now. I don’t regret my decision, but always wonder what might have been. So here is a quick over of some training tips that successful wrestlers use in the work out routines


    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – It’s hard to find time to exercise, but now you don’t have that excuse anymore. How about working out at work! We were not designed to be deskbound for eight hours a day, with little exercise other than tapping a keypad. There are opportunities everywhere if you pay attention. All it takes is a little planning and some inspiration to squeeze in some exercise all day long.

  • Glitz NYC

    Http://fierth.com -The night is packed with entertainment including DJs Tracy Young, Ricky Sinz, Chris Padilla and Milty Evans, singers Brian Kent and Zhana Saunders, go-go god Matt Camp, fire dancers, circus performers


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