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  • Tea Party Anthems as Predicted by MADTV…12 Years Ago

    ://FIERTH.COM – As seen on MadTV nearly 10 years ago, A hallowing premonition of the uprising of zombies from the heartland, Perhaps we need to heed the forewarnings of the comedo-journalists more seriously…

  • Jon Stewart to Republicans: You Can’t Exploit 9/11 Anymore

    http://www.fierth.com – Jon Stewart presented the damning case that although Republicans have used 9/11 as their lead marketing product for the past 10 years, When it came time to step up to the plate to help the individuals who risked their lives in the days after the attack, Would cowardly no-show the vote and leave these heros to suffer for longer. There is no shame.

  • John McCain’s DADT Hypocrisy

    http://www.fierth.com – Sen. McCain has said he would support repealing DADT if the military leadership supported the policy. They now do, and he now doesn’t. Also, Mr. McCain was a co-sponsor of the Dream Act, but never mind that, either.


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