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  • Taking Care Of Your Largest Organ…

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Taking Care Of Your Largest Organ… If you’re investing time in a regular workout routine, your body thanks you, but your skin may be paying the price. Keep in mind that a quick shower and a rinse with antibacterial soap may not be the best post-workout skincare regime. And you don’t always have to spend hundreds of dollars on the MOST expensive skin care products.

  • Winter Skincare

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM -Spring may be upon us, but during the last few weeks of Winter, let’s not forget how to keep our skin soft and glowing as we appropach warmer weather. The changing of the seasons wreaks havok on the skin..and the hot/cold/hot atmosphere can cause dryness, oiliness, and blotchiness which is never the look for anyone. Follow these simple rules for flawless skin as we approch the season change:


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