“Graffiti is not vandalism, but a beautiful crime.” -Andre (aka Monsieur A)

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“Graffiti is not vandalism, but a beautiful crime.”                 -Andre (aka Monsieur A)

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“Graffiti is not vandalism, but a beautiful crime.”                 -Andre (aka Monsieur A),
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, “Graffiti is not vandalism, but a beautiful crime.”                 -Andre (aka Monsieur A),

By Javier Gonzalez

Driving down through Miami’s Wynwood art district, you’d be blind to miss the tagged up walls lining the street. Upon further exploration I came across some very cool, colorful evolved graffiti, if you will.  So on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I parked my hot rod Toyota Corolla rental car and walked the neighborhood snapping off shots. They ranged from abstractions to slogans to full on art (see the graffiti interpretation of Bacon’s pope). A lot of it was done on abandoned and dilapidated store fronts but some of it appeared to be part of the building’s exterior design. One treasure trove of a structure was patrolled (I use that term very loosely) by an odd character who gave me a grand tour of the joint. He told me about some of the artists, recounted a brief chronology of the artwork and detailed plans for cleaning up the grounds. It’s definitely different and more vibrant than the graffiti I’ve seen in NY. Its muy Miami with its loud, garish colors and flashy personality.

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