F-ed Up By Gerry Visco – NYC NYE

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F-ed Up By Gerry Visco – NYC NYE

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F-ed Up By Gerry Visco – NYC NYE,
I'm FABULOUS! I sleep four hours a night and I like to dance. I never stop talking. I have a radio show and I write a weekly column for NY Press's Bash Compactor, covering events, parties, and the arts. Maybe YOU. I try to swim every day and do yoga. My favorite word is "motherfucker."

, F-ed Up By Gerry Visco – NYC NYE,

Waking up last Saturday morning, I noticed a stamp on my hand that read “Fuck You.” It was just my style.And also very much the style of The F Word—humor and a touch of crass sass—which has resumed in a new setting at Rebel on West 30th Street after leaving Santos Party House.

The party will be held every Friday night from now on, hosted by the inimitable Godfather of nightlife Michael Formika Jones.“This will be a real New York party—a big club with cheap drinks, DJs who play what they want instead of horrible pop music and a friendly mixed crowd,” he told me. Expect men, women, bears, cubs, twinks, dykes, trannies, lap dancers, hot go-go boys and disco divas like me.You’ll get to see musical acts like Sylvia Tosun, Peaches, Joey Ariasand Jasper James. “It’ll be a fourroom creative party that stimulates you artistically, physically and musically,” he said.

As I cabbed it down on the opening night, I thought, What kind of a nut job throws a party on New Year’s Day? “I know that on New Year’s Day everyone’s tired, but I wanted to start off at the beginning of the year,” Jones admitted with a laugh.

“I wish I was home right now,” photographer and inveterate partygoer Eric Halliwell told me sprawled out on the cushy couch. Even Demanda Dahling, wearing a geisha get-up, was quiet. But we were glad our favorite party was back.

Formerly the setting of Batcave, Crash, Motherfucker and Mr. Black, among others, Rebel has three levels and three dance floors. On the middle floor, you’ll be able to get your photo taken, have your tarot cards read or grab a snack, and for those who need a touch-up, there will be makeup artists in residence. As I wandered about, I noticed the main dance floor on the second level was packed with shirtless dudes, good-looking gay couples and some very sexy dancing boys. In the next room, gogo star Johnny Sanford was cavorting on the bar wearing a monkey hat, skimpy long johns and nothing else; downstairs, the nimble Matthew Camp was doing break-dance moves my camera couldn’t keep up with.

About 30 names were listed on the opening-night invitation. Hosts include Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Jane Lane and Joey Israel. The doorman is the debonair Johnny Quinlan.“Love your look,” he purred, decked out in a snazzy, fur-lined pimp coat himself, as I left.“Next Friday, we’re holding a competition for another host,” Formika told me. But aren’t we all looking for someone new to F with?


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