Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with KINDBUD

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Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with KINDBUD

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Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with KINDBUD,
THE KIKI TWINS are fraternal fashion twins, LT & AC. This twin-sational duo have been a staple in the NYC Underground scene, having performed at notable hot spots including Irving Plaza, Santos Party House, Crowbar, CBGB, Roxy, Knitting Factory, Splash, to name a few. They earned notable success as former members of the underground rap sensation, DaLipstyxx. They are known to never take themselves too seriously while having fun wherever they go.

, Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with KINDBUD,

THE KIKI TWINS took a moment to get to know a little more about kind, cute (and bitchy on the tracks) DJ Kindbud.

Name: Kindbud

What do you do: DJ/Producer, Singer/Songwriter

Where are you based: NYC

1. So tell us, what is the most FIERTH thing about you?

Me f***ing you, makes you bilingual.

2. What type of art do you create and give a brief description?

Deep, soulful house music.  I have been known to turn out a hip-hop beat, a rock sound or a more mellow groove, but my heart is in house music for sure with an emphasis on bitch tracks!

3. What’s going on right now for you?

My debut NYC single “I Am The DJ” was just released on iTunes after some time on the masterbeat charts since it was first released this past Christmas.  A video is also in the works.  I am very excited!  Also, I’m finally getting my website in order, to be launched later this month –kindbudmusic.com.  And of course, my resident DJ gigs always keep me busy (The F Word Fridays @ Club Rebel, Vice Saturdays @ Vlada, and Big Gulp Tuesdays @ The Cock).

4. What’s on your plate for the rest of 2010?

My New Year’s resolution this year is to collaborate.  So I think in 2010 everyone will see a lot more of Kindbud.  I’m also planning on getting more out of town gigs, in Chicago, California, Boston (my home town, of course), and overseas as well – in Ibiza, Berlin, and London.  I’m also in talks with my good friend Sean Labbe-Ja to start up a new house party night in NYC on a Thursdays somewhere, so keep your ears open for that too!

5. Who’s on your radar? Who should we be keeping an eye on?

Look out for my gurl Mercydeez!  A good friend of mine from Barcelona, she drops the hot reggae, hip-hop, flamenco fusion.  I miss my Mercy! Hopefully she’ll be in NYC soon to show everyone how “fierth” she is.

6. What is something no one knows about you?

Most people probably don’t know I’m fluent in Spanish.  Before moving to NYC, I was living in Barcelona Spain for 8 years.  That’s where I first started DJing and making music.

7. What are some of your pet peeves?

Requests would be number 1 on that list.  Or drunk girls who come up to the DJ booth and ask, “Um, what kind of music do you have??”  I also can’t stand those people in the clubs that you’ve met like over 50 times and they still don’t remember who you are!

8. If you could be anywhere right now do anything with anyone, tell us where, what and who it would be.

I’d be with my best friends on the ferry from Ibiza to Formentera, ready for a day of sun, beach, wine, and amazing food.

9. Where can people find out more about you and keep up with you?

Until kindbudmusic.com is launched, I can be found in person at any of my DJ gigs here in NYC and on the following sites:




One final question…

10. Are we there yet?

In the words of one of my favorite singers, Ani DiFranco, “We try and keep our eye on the big picture, but the picture keeps getting bigger.”


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