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Personnel: KindbudMichael HadesDavid OhanaUri Dalal, Saam Ishi, Chris Padilla

“I AM THE DJ” by DJ Kindbud has been given the single treatment on the Hades Music label complete with Kindbud’s Original Mix and Acapella and additional remixes by Michael Hades, David Ohana and the tag-team consisting of Uri Dalal, Saam Ishi and Chris Padilla.  Each mix is not like the other but all possess elements that will appeal to most every listener.  Kindbud’s Original Mix is right on the money with a ready-to-dance beat straight out of the gate.  There is a groove guitar/synth that assists in pushing the beat along.  Soon enough, we hear what can only be described as a “cunty” spokal (A spokal is a spoken, rather than sung, vocal that is smooth and sexy in a way that differs it from a harsh in-your-face rhyme akin to rap.  For the record, it is an original term, circa 2004, that THE KIKI TWINS created- you hear that WEBSTER’s?  You heard it here first.)  The snare comes in followed by a shaker and last, but not least, a sexy piano lick is added.

The song is simple in construction and as such, best serves Kindbud’s spokal.  This track is a straight-up bitch track that could easily have been made in the 90’s House era.  Kindbud masterfully creates a scenario reminiscent of the boy/girl duos and groups of the 90’s like C&C Music Factory and The Real McCoy.  His verses consist of a lady-boy spokal that is then countered by a dirty man-vocal on the chorus.  Eventually, he throws in a black-up (yes, another kiki-ism for a background vocal stereotypically sung by a group of black divas) melody line towards the end of the track.  All-in-all this is a saucy, catchy, fun song.  The listener can’t help but smile at the premise, which is an effort to put everyone who is not the dj in their place- out of the dj booth, thank you!

The remixes, available exclusively on Masterbeat.com, are a great interpretation of the original.  DJ Michael Hades’ Runway Mix evokes the spirit of the runway battles in the gay clubs of NYC.  The beats are steady and sure and inspire the listener to walk it out on the runway.  DJ David Ohana’s Club Mix uses heavy beats and some hot synth  and bass lines to really get you moving your feet.  This remix feels like a battle cry- a proclamation that it’s time to get down to business.  Finally, DJs Uri Dalal and Saam Ishi, a husband and wife remixing duo, along with Chris Padilla give a transcendental, tribal feel to their remix.  This is a somewhat subdued spokal dub, but nonetheless a great remix.  To round this single package out, there is an acapella cut so that the aspiring dj at home or any of you other djs can put your own spin, pun intended, on it in case the mixes provided don’t do the trick.


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