SNL’s Weekend Update – Meet Stefon

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SNL’s Weekend Update – Meet Stefon

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SNL’s Weekend Update – Meet Stefon,


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Few things make SNL more fun than when the cast members themselves struggle to keep a straight face. Last night, SNL introduced a new character to their weekend update last night: Stefan, played by Bill Hader, is a Williamsburg-esque hipster club kid whose job is to report to Seth Meyers where tourists might go when visiting Manhattan. One suggestion: “Teddy Graham people…men with short arms and big bellies.” So, sort of like SNL‘s nod to the local New York sections all the newspapers seem so keen on these days? However, it was during an attempt to describe the attraction of “human fire hydrants” that Stefan (and Hader) came very close to going to pieces. Video below.

Meta side note: Stefan looks to have made quite the splash on Twitter, so probably look for more of him soon.

, SNL’s Weekend Update – Meet Stefon,


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