Arias With a Twist – The Docufantasy


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Arias With a Twist – The Docufantasy

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Arias With a Twist – The Docufantasy,


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There are times in our universe when powerful forces collide creating an entirely new world of possibilities and reality. When Joey Arias & Basil Twist came together in the live stage show “Arias with a Twist”, such a cosmos came into existence, planting a seed for what promises to be a very fruitful future of collaborative works.


In the film “Arias with a Twist, The Docufantasy”, directed by Bobby Sheehan, we are given a behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of the stars of the show, and the elements that went into creating the show.  No one really needs an introduction to either Arias or Twist; however, we are presented the insight into depth of influences and experiences that culminated with the successful show. Lending testament to the stars are world renowned names such as Thierry Mugler, Ann Magnuson, Sherry Vine, Raven O, and many more.


Shedding light on Joey Aria’s career is like connecting the dots of constellations in the night sky:  he has collaborated with, entertained; socialized with, and inspired almost everyone who is anyone since the 1970’s.  “Arias with a Twist”, the stage show, was drag artiste Aria’s return to the New York scene after a successful multi year run as the Emcee of Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity in Las Vegas; his resume spans decades- headlining at long running nightspots such as  Bar d’O, performing in front of millions at Berlins Christopher Street Day, delivering legendary performances at Wigstock and performing on Saturday Night Live with David Bowie.


Basil Twist, who is originally from San Francisco, is a third generation puppeteer who now lives and works in NYC.  As a puppeteer, you’re behind the scenes in the shadows breathing life into inanimate objects; Mr. Twist practices this talent masterfully and has been called one of the best puppeteers in the world by his peers. Basil’s inspired creations have lent themselves to productions such as  ‘The Addams Family’ on Broadway ,  “Behind The Lid” , The Los Angeles Philharmonic and many, many more,  He is currently collaborating with the Broadway bound production of The Pee Wee Herman Show .


“Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy” has screened to enthusiastic audiences and rave reviews at The Berlin, Tribeca, and Frameline Film Festivals.  With its rare footage of early 1980’s New York nightlife and verite glimpse of the modern business of show, the film is unique and engaging from start to finish.  “Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy” is an all encompassing capsule of not only the remarkable stage show , but a biopic of its players, providing a glimpse into their histories, the evolution of their performances , the background of their inspirations, and a tantalizing glimpse of shows yet to come. It is a must see by all means.




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