Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Chevonne

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, Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Chevonne,

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Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Chevonne,
THE KIKI TWINS are fraternal fashion twins, LT & AC. This twin-sational duo have been a staple in the NYC Underground scene, having performed at notable hot spots including Irving Plaza, Santos Party House, Crowbar, CBGB, Roxy, Knitting Factory, Splash, to name a few. They earned notable success as former members of the underground rap sensation, DaLipstyxx. They are known to never take themselves too seriously while having fun wherever they go.


Name: Chevonne

What do you do: Write songs.  Perform my tits off.  Dream up tasteless costumes.  Beat my face and hair, or have them beat by someone inspiring.

Where are you based: Jerz!  A city bitch at heart, though.

1. So tell us, what is the most FIERTH thing about you?

Hahaha!  First of all, thank you for FIERTH…I’ve had a raging lisp since I said my first word!  I’ve had speech therapy, all kinds of tragic tooth gear…but after years of music producers giving me shit about it, a trace of lisp still remains.  And you know what?  I fucking LOVE it!

2. What type of art do you create?

A super-cunty explosion of kitsch and sex puns!  Twerky and crunchy with a gooey center!  And there is plenty of glitz…you know, that special kind of glitter and sparkle that screams, “I’m tacky but I’m committed to it!”

3. What’s going on right now for you?

I’m going to release 2 songs I wrote and recorded with Larry Tee:  “Catcall” and “She Crazy (She CrayCray)”. Catcall is all about living for those holla-at-a-bitch moments.  So many girls I know are like “Ewww, I’m so offended. I’m not an object!”  Whatever, sometimes when I’m walking down the street after spending 2 1/2 hours on my hair, my makeup, and my outfit, I totally am an object.  An object of sexuality, art, attitude…you just have to own it! Anyway, I’ve got some amazing remixes of Catcall in the works too, from some DJs you definitely know and love.

4. What’s on your plate for the rest of 2010?

Aww-roight, you heard it here first: I’m joining none other than Lady Gaga on her MonsterBall 2010 tour!!  Get your tickets if you wanna see me clap and snap and pole-dance on a fake subway car!  I will background-sing like I have never background-sung before! ::makes monster paw::

5. Who’s on your radar? Who should we be keeping an eye on?

Estelle!  Her album’s gonna be out this fall and it is FIYAH.  I background-sang on her tour this year for about 6 months.  We played some sick Pride events, and her shoe game was on point every. single. time.  Not once did she repeat a pair, and that shit was couture!

6. What is something no one knows about you?

There is very little that no one knows about me.  I am a serious over-sharer.  But, here’s one:  I can give myself secret orgasms in public!  On a train, on a plane, while I’m driving…anytime I can enjoy a slight vibration and focus on some delicious thoughts.  No one even knows it’s happening; I don’t make any noise or move a muscle!  I could be having one right now…

7. What are some of your pet peeves?

PIT STAINS!  But if they are fabulous and subversive pit stains I’ll take it back…wait, now there is an idea.  What if we took back pit stains and purposely painted/stained/dyed them on clothes in ridonkulous colors?  Would that be super next-level or am I pulling this out of my ass?  hmmmm

8. If you could be anywhere right now doing anything with anyone, tell us who, what, where and why.

Eating eggplant pizza and drinking champagne with pomegranate juice, in Joan Crawford’s gown from the last scene of The Women, surrounded by 7-foot centaurs, backstage before a sold-out show on Uranus.  A gurl can dream!!

9. Where can people find out more about you and keep up with you?

Definitely follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/listen2chevonne.  I will have lots of tour juice, and plus, I’m fucking interesting. You can see the video for Catcall on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/listen2chevonne.  You can check out all the show photos live on www.facebook.com/listen2chevonne.  I’ve got a weekly guest column on www.SinisterGirlz.com where I rant about all kinds of pop-tarty stuff.  My website is getting facelifted, nip/tucked, and jhujshed-up by my favorite NYC drag queen and genius artiste, Acid Betty, but in the meantime check outwww.listentochevonne.com for some blog posts and some pictures of me holding my boobies (I know THE KIKI TWINS love bOObies!) in a heart-shaped Jacuzzi.

One final question…

10. Are we there yet?

The only way we can get there is by putting on our hottest, freakiest ensemble and full-out walking there on our own two gorgeous feet.  Nobody’s gonna drive us, that’s for sure!


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