P is for Princess- Review by Amy Amy Amy

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, P is for Princess- Review by Amy Amy Amy,

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P is for Princess- Review by Amy Amy Amy,

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P is for Princess- Review by Amy Amy Amy,

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, P is for Princess- Review by Amy Amy Amy,

Let me get one thing out of the way- it’s been quite a while since I’ve watched Sesame Street. When Mr. Hooper died in the 1980’s, well, I suppose that was the end of my childhood, and the beginnings of my years long battle with cough syrup addiction. But that’s a story for another time. It pleases me to report that things are still fun and freewheeling on that little fantasy boulevard known as Sesame.

‘P is for Princess’ stars Muppet ingénue Abby Cadabby in a surprisingly novel tale of both gender bending glam rock and verbal alliteration. I’m not quite sure what Abby actually is- an insect? A gnome?- but whatever she is, this young actress shows a lot of spunk and good cheer. In ‘P’, Abby, along with her buddies Rosita (a spicy green Latina) and Penguin (ostensibly a female, though this was not demonstrated to my satisfaction)  engage in all sorts of activities celebrating the letter P and all the joys of being a princess- or at least pretending to be (and you do it too girl, you know you do!).

Two Hollywood A-listers appear in the psychedelic grade school fantasia. First up is Paul Rudd, looking absolutely scrumptious, and hamming it up delightfully as Prince Charming. The trio of puppet princess gently refuse his offers of ‘rescue’, but allow and appreciate his help, offering a rebuke to the ‘damsel in distress’ ethos of yore, and sending a subtle girl-power message to the young audience.  Natalie Portman appears towards the end of the program, looking radiant– the girl has flawless skin. She is relaxed and fun, a far cry from the last time she played royalty, as space geisha Queen Amidala in the dreadful Star Wars ‘prequels’.

‘P is for Princess’ is a mélange of music, silliness, and sparkly fun, a colorful treat for princesses of all ages.


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