Rembering My Friend , Michael Sandy 1977- 2006 – Gay Bash Victim in Brooklyn

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, Rembering My Friend , Michael Sandy 1977- 2006 –  Gay Bash Victim in Brooklyn,

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Rembering My Friend , Michael Sandy 1977- 2006 –  Gay Bash Victim in Brooklyn,


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, Rembering My Friend , Michael Sandy 1977- 2006 –  Gay Bash Victim in Brooklyn,

By Brian Mills

In this moment of time , where we are again experiencing a trend in gay bashing , Gay Teens who are hurting themselves after being humiliaed , bullied and abused its important to remember that we are not alone in all of this  , not simply in that we have our friends ,families and communities around us that can at times come to our full support . But our strength also comes from also knowing that Others have been through this , and survived, Or in other cases Have lived through this and died,  The recent rash of Gang related gay bashing in the bronx has brought back painful memories  that land on the same day I lost a friend of mine in 2006 .   His Name Was Michael Sandy , a 28 Year old  Interior Designer,  One of the kindest and nicet guys you could hope to meet – No, Really –  We went to school together ,  Went to raes in the 90’s , and then later in life  we wouls spend  shared summers out in Fire  Island .  he was everything and a big smile too .  Mike wws lured through the Internet on a chilly october night to meet up with someone at plumb beach  whom he met online ,  A simple encounter perhaps , but what he found there was  4 individuals that were intent to rob him .  Punching him and pulling him from the car .  Once free Mike tried to run across the highway as his only form of escape.   Halfway acros the span of lanes a carcame and struck him. Still alive , the muggers then dragged his body off the highway and continued to rob him taking his posessions.  Mike had suffered  massive brain injurioes and laid in a vegetative state for a week before  his family had to make the choice of removing their son from the machine that was at that time keeping him alive  only one week after the night it occured , which was the night after his birthday..

Mike  had a way about him,  strong , but fun personality . We actually first met in some random argument on an AOL  Chatroom many years before.  its too easy to say many of the usual adages on losing someone ,  But in this case it was true .  To know him was to love him  and i miss him and think of him  as if hes still with us.   ( mikes complete story is on wikipedia ).

Lets hope that  in knowing that others have been there before us , and lived  and to honor those we lost  we actively take steps to end homophobioa . and Marriage based Fear,   but even more importantly is to protect the individuals who are being bullied at this time ,  tell them about the trevor project , or their local gay youth league . Almost anything can help someone with no here else to turn .

Please lets try to prevent one more of us injured , bullied , tortured , or like my friend Michael , Murdered. , Wearing Purple for the day is cute , but become effective,  donate your time and money  to important organizations  whose main focus is to keep us safe.  like

The Trevor Project


1 866 4 U trevor


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