GUCCI to release $225 glasses for viewing 3D movies


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, GUCCI to release $225 glasses for viewing 3D movies,

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GUCCI to release $225 glasses for viewing 3D movies,


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, GUCCI to release $225 glasses for viewing 3D movies, Being the douche that  wears Sunglasses in  a nightclub is one thing , but being the douche that buys the new 3D glasses by Gucci to wear in a darkened room where no one will be looking at you is an entirely differemnt level of superficiality .  Coming in December Gucci will offer its latest Aviators with lenses specially made for viewing every movie thats being released in 3D , which is basically every movie .  Will you shoot the buck and be the guy wearing this look with a vat popcorn and a gallon of soda ?

From Gucci:

Fashion forward, pilot-shaped plastic aviator in shiny black featuring an Eighties retro sensibility
– Produced under license by Safilo Group, the unisex 3-D glasses present the iconic Gucci “web” green and red striping detail along the temples and along the center brow bar of the frame.
– Personalized with the Gucci 3D logo printed near the endpiece of each temple and on the right lens.
– Optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology
lenses will contain a high tech multi-layered mirrored coating which allows the wearer to view themselves in a mirror without distortion. The mirrored coating not only provides a premium look as well as offers superior viewing and contrast enhancement, but also allows over 98 percent of visible light through, therefore not affecting viewing in a cinema environment.
– An anti-reflective coating has been applied to the back of the lens for additional overall image quality by reducing scattered light, glare and blue light.
The glasses are intended for movie theater use only and should not be used for any other purpose.

The glasses will be available exclusively in United States Gucci boutiques in December, so don’t forget to stop there on your way to the next 3-D movie.


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