Showcase: Designer Morne Ferreira

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, Showcase: Designer Morne Ferreira,

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Showcase: Designer Morne Ferreira,
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, Showcase: Designer Morne Ferreira,

The holiday season in New York City means many things- slow moving tourists, shopping zombies, pushy bell ringers; but it also means the most fabulous window displays in the world. Stores such as Barney’s, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are famous for their December window spectacles, but there is a new and decidedly more esoteric player in the field- a shop called FD, at East 65th street  and Madison Avenue is enchanting passersby with it’s unique holiday widow displays, created by artist and designer Morne Ferreira.

A native of South Africa, Ferreira searches the city for unusual objects to feature; the ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ window featured and African inspired mélange of pieces, such as a sculpture to which the artist added gigantic antlers as well red Cameroon Juju inspired hats that he built from feathers. The ‘Deco’ window expressed a ‘majestic and monumental’ feel with stainless steel gazing spheres and a pink neon knot crafted by a Long Island City artist. Ferreira added a playful touch by building a art lamp from a vintage deco birdcage.

For the Holiday Window display, the artist says he was inspired by the recently discovered crystal caves in Mexico, and says he wanted ‘exaggerated scale’ to make it feel important. To accomplish this, Ferreira’s display features stars- big, dazzling stars.  “The big star is over 7 foot tall” explains the designer. “I constructed the stars from thick silver Mylar over a dowel and foam board structure, and built the spike stands from mirrored Plexiglas. I then motorized the smaller star and color gelled all the lights to add movement.”

The results speak for themselves- dynamic, surprising and festive in unexpected ways, Ferreira’s are getting raves, including from the owners of FD (a high end gallery that sells rare vintage jewelry, fine art and objet); they are so pleased with the artist’s work that they have commissioned him for several additional window displays as well as other creative endeavors.

Ferreira’s designs are more art installations than window displays. Don’t miss his fabulous holiday creation! You have until Christmas Eve, after which he will be installing a (no doubt unusual and eye catching) New Year’s panorama.

To see more of Morne Ferreira’s works visit his website at



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