The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

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, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

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Fierth Magazine’s selection of the finest in Christma-Hana-Kwanzaa shopping options.

Ezip E1000 Electric Scooter

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Remember the scooters we wanted Santa to bring us  as kids ? This is nothing like that.

The Ezip E1000 scooter,  Currie technologies high speed cruiser has got what you want.  It’s the freedom of bicycling, without the legwork.  With 1000 watts of power, you flip it on and it gets you moving you at speeds  up to 15 miles per hour with a range of up to 12 miles, That’s like riding from Midtown  to the Bronx and back.  Its front and rear end suspension help smooth  the city streets, hills are not a challenge, and its disc brakes make stopping in short distances sure.

Utility is the key to this ride. The scooter will make your daily errands a snap, get you to that rooftop party on time, or have you zooming down city’s bike lanes (breezing past the bicyclists without breaking a sweat). Get one for a friend, but you know you really want it for yourself!

Currie technologies manufactures electric bikes, scooters, and kits to retrofit your bicycle with an electric motor. Their models come  in all shapes and sizes , from the sleek Izip Express ,  the BMX styled Via Urbano, and the  Izip Urban Cruiser with a range of up to 30 miles.

Check out Currie Techs full  line of electronic Bikes , Scooters , and motor kits here


Linksys e2000 Advanced Wireless-N Router

The Holidays are all about sharing, and when it comes to sharing an internet connection, The Linksys e2000 WiFi router will be there for you.  It’s the perfect companion for connecting computers, gaming consoles, Internet-enabled HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, and other wireless devices at super-fast speeds up to 300 Mbps. Setup nightmares are a things of the past with Cisco’s Connect Software that practically does it all for you and will have you up and running in no time. HD streaming is silky smooth and The Guest connect feature on the stylish console is very convenient giving guests the opportunity to log on to the network, password-free within two minutes of pressing its share button.  Get one [here]

Twisted Sisters

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Legendary playwright and drag performer Charles Busch presents yet another unforgettable night of theater with ‘The Divine Sister’. Stuff someone’s stocking with tickets to this deliciously blasphemous evening of high camp hilarity. ‘Sister’ is wicked fun, and also stars several scene stealing hams including Julie Halston and Alison Fraser. Tickets available through February [here]


Flip Ultra HD Video Camera

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, The Cisco Flip Ultra HD makes a great gift for just about anyone, it shoots in remarkable High-Definition and with its 8GB of storage you can record up to 2 hours of memories.   The possibilities are endless,  and it’s one button recording feature  will keep you in the moment as you make history. The Flip‘s direct to USB video transfers makes moving your clips  to a computer and Youtube or Facebook a snap. Give the gift

of saving the moment, You can pick one up at just about every major electronics store or check out all of the Flip’s models [here]


Cuisinart Griddler Jr

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

A great choice for the seasoned chef or someone who’s new to the kitchen is Cuisinart’s Griddler Jr. The stylish Stainless Steel appliance wont take up a lot of room on your countertop nor be an eyesore.

Use it as an open grill to cook fish fillets and asparagus or one or two juicy steaks at a time. Turn it into a contact grill by simply closing the lid–great for cooking hot dogs or veggie burgers to perfection, both sides simultaneously. As a third option, the grill functions as a panini press, making it effortless to create cafe-style grilled sandwiches, loaded with oozing melted cheese, thick slices of ripe tomato, fresh summer basil, and other favorites. The unit’s hinged, floating lid automatically adjusts to the thickness of food, while its temperature control dial allows adjusting the heat as needed. Clean up is easy with its removable non stick plates.  Late night snackers rejoice ! Get one [here]

Another of our favorites is Cuisinart’s  Ice Cream Maker to churn out  gallons of flavors limited only by your imagination. [info]

To a ‘T’

Stock up on Label New York’s unique, hand dyed, one of a kind long sleeve T shirts! These custom made garments come in multiple color blends and feature beautiful designs including ‘Neptune’, ‘Music’ and the Asian inspired ‘Egret’. “Made  with Love in NYC’, these are the perfect gift for everyone from to friends and family to co-workers; while you’re at it, grab one for yourself!


Hasbro Ricochet

Versatile, insatiable, and pulls off exciting stunts; something all want in our toys, right ? The Tonka Ricochet can tackle virtually any terrain,  and is unstoppable- it can even flip and keep on going. Want more? Push a button on the remote and it instantly transforms from a sleek racer into Monster Truck. This machine doesn’t lack in size either, measuring up at 19 inches. The Ricochet comes prepackaged with a 9.6 v rechargeable battery and charger, as well as batteries for the remote.  It’s available at most major retailers and on Hasbrotoyshop.com

Heavenly Cuteness

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Already a big hit in many Asian countries, the Sonny Angel line of collectible dolls is sure to be the next big craze here in the States. Sonny Angel is a baby faced cutie, naked except for the ever changing headgear he sports!

The ‘mini figures’ are a great stocking stuffer, and come in an amazing assortment of styles, including the Marine series (‘Blowfish’ is awesome!), Fruits  (get into‘pineapple head’!), Animals (lions and tigers and bears oh my! …plus zebras, hippos, owls and many more) Part of the fun in collecting Sonny Angel figures is that the dolls come in a ‘blind box’- you never know which one you are getting!

Available online and in NYC at Kinokuniya


The Roku XDS 2100

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

The Roku XDS is the perfect gift for the TV / Home entertainment enthusiast. The stocking stuffer sized console streams online content from providers like Hulu, Netflix ,  Pandora , Amazon, Major League Baseball, Vimeo, Flickr,  Facebook Photos  and over 100 other channels in up to  Hi-Def 1080p.  It also delivers Podcasts and Youtube videos and much more.  Want to get rid of that hulking cable box ,  Well here is your alternative. Setup is easy, and it comes with remote control.

This box is a powerhouse of free programming as well as premium programming from services like Hulu Plus and Netflix’ abundant streaming on demand library.  The Roku Line has several different models all under $100 and is rated as the best all-around streaming box by CNET.com [link].   Give the gift that keeps on streaming – Find out more [here]


Ho. Ho. Ho.

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

What could be a better gift for the scrooge in your life than tickets to JACKIE BEAT’S ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT XMAS! This glamorous, larger than life drag comedienne brings her hilariously bitter annual holiday smack down to New York City for a handful of shows- and she always sells out, so act fast! (apparently, bah humbug is big with the gays) “NYC’s favorite Grinch serves a smorgasbord of holiday classics & new pop turkeys” along with off the cuff attacks on the audience, filthy diatribes and whatever other gingerbread scented barbs pop into her twisted mind.  Get Tickets [here] December 16 – 19 at The Laurie Beechman Theater


Ocean Dreams

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Check out the fun new Projector Pot from Dreams Inc, a cool little techno object that magically (via 4 AA batteries) projects the image of shimmering ocean waves on the wall or ceiling. Perfect for both bath time or bed time, Projector Pot is both water resistant and ‘splash proof’ and has an adjustable stand to alter the angle of the mesmerizing oceanic lighting effect. The on/off button has an automatic shut off feature, so all on board and sweet dreams! Available online at UncommonGoods

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,



Bucky Balls Gold Edition

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Bucky Balls are endlessly entertaining; I literally haven’t put them down since I first got them.  Whether you mash the wad of magnetic balls into abstract shapes or create complex designs with geometric precision. it will keep your interest piqued every time you pick them up.  Check out the video below for a demonstration. Available [here]

(This product is not recommended for children)

Star Wars Clone Wars Grievous Spinning Lightsaber

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

May the Fierth Be With You !  Fight back against the darkside or bring it to the club,  the Star Wars Clone Wars Grievous Spinning Lightsaber {youtube video] brings all of the fun of the big screen to your house.  This Saber is distinctive from ones we’ve seen before in that its electronic handle senses motion and changes color and the pitch of the sound to match your movements.  When the saber touches an object it crackles loudly as if emitting an electric charge. The two sabers can also be detached from the rotating hub so you can battle your friends to find out who is realest Jedi up in the place.  Get yours [here]


Frolicat Dart


Treat your pet to the Frolicat Dart, this may be one of the best innovations in indoor cat recreation ever! Standing at 9 inches this feline taunting, rotating robot laser turret will keep your cat fixated on its laser pointer gone wild time and time again . The Dart features variable speed controls as well as a timer  so you don’t have to get up to shut it down when your furchild peters out from the running around . It’s truly the best cat toy  we’ve ever seen. Get It  [here]


Give it Doggy Style!

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Animal lovers-you can support a great cause and give the gift of style with these ‘Waggytail Rescue’ items! Shirts, tote bags and pet bowls featuring a fun design by Musician/DJ Moby. Or, Give the gift of a doggie rescue from Waggytail; while they do not allow gift adoptions, they do offer donation certificates.


Give GREEN With Logee’s !

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

Just in time for the dark dreary days of winter, Begonia ‘Purple Curly Stardust’ provides a burst of fantastic color. The vivid leaves of this new ‘Rex type’ begonia from Logee’s Tropical Plants are a trippy yet beautiful mélange of pink, green, silver, and yes, purple.

Logee’s is renowned for their selection of begonias, but have many other botanical treasures that are sure to please the plant lover in your life.

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

The drought resistant, hard to kill Sansevieria ‘Desertii’ “Rhino-Grass” (a Logees exclusive) makes a great gift for that special someone who thinks they have a green thumb, but are actually horticulturally challenged (hi Mom!).

, The Fierth Magazine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide,

The more experienced indoor gardener will be sure to love the new orchid Brassolaeliocattleya Fatari ‘Carmela’, (we’ll call her ‘Miss Carmela’ for short). Miss Carmella is a real showstopper, with large blooms in both spring and fall. The flowers are not just beautiful frilly confections of white, lavender and plum, but are fantastically fragrant as well.

‘Logee’s Begonia 101′ on Martha Stewart Show: here


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