Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Kelly King

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, Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Kelly King,

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Breakdown with THE KIKI TWINS: Interview with Kelly King,
THE KIKI TWINS are fraternal fashion twins, LT & AC. This twin-sational duo have been a staple in the NYC Underground scene, having performed at notable hot spots including Irving Plaza, Santos Party House, Crowbar, CBGB, Roxy, Knitting Factory, Splash, to name a few. They earned notable success as former members of the underground rap sensation, DaLipstyxx. They are known to never take themselves too seriously while having fun wherever they go.

Name: Kelly King
What do you do: I live for entertaining the masses.
Where are you based: NYC

1. So tell us, what is the most FIERTH thing about you?
I think the most FIERTH thing about me is I can throw a perfect spiral football in 5 inch heels. LOL! (TKT: Yes that is quite FIERTH!)

2. What type of art do you create and give a brief description?
I mostly create dance/pop music, although, I enjoy creating all types of music! My new single, “In The Middle Of The Night”, is sort of a throw back to 80’s dance/pop music. I wrote it about what goes on in the deep corners of our minds late in the middle of the night.

3. What’s going on right now for you?
I’ve got my current single “In The Middle Of The Night” out on iTunes! Please go download it, I’m also doing a weekly show called Diva at Industry Bar on Monday nights at 11pm where you can come hear me sing live. Also, I have a regular show at Bartini Ultra Lounge on Thursday nights. Please come out one night to meet me and see me do my thing.

4. What’s on your plate for the rest of 2011?

Well, you are definitely hearing it first, I will be releasing my first ROCK album this year! Very different for me, and something my fans will not see coming. I have written ALL the songs on the album, and most of it really comes from the past four years of my life experience. So it’s very personal to me. I’ll also keep collaborating with the amazing DJ Gomi of Gomi Nation throughout the year.

5. Who’s on your radar? Who should we be keeping an eye on?

Keep an eye out for Marisela! She is such a star. You can find her on twitter @mariselathevox Follow her! And my recent crush is Sean Michael Murray. He’ll be huge soon. No doubt. find him at www.Murraytime.com

6. What is something no one knows about you?
Oh lord! I don’t know if there’s anything. I am an open book.

7. What are some of your pet peeves?
I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone leaves a toilet seat up! LOL!

8. If you could be anywhere right now doing anything with anyone, tell us where, what and with who it would be.

I would be doing this very thing! This is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I’m getting to do what I love most. Thank YOU for that!

9. Where can people find out more about you and keep up with you?
PLEASE follow me on:
Twitter- www.twitter.com/kellykingsings
Facebook- www.facebook.com/kellykingsings
and get my music on ITUNES!!! Thank you!!!

One final question…
10. Are we there yet?

Not even close! It’s only just begun!!


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