WATCH: Stephen Colbert Lampoons Anderson “Pooper” Over Depardieu Pun


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, WATCH: Stephen Colbert Lampoons Anderson “Pooper” Over Depardieu Pun,

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WATCH: Stephen Colbert Lampoons Anderson “Pooper” Over Depardieu Pun,


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If you’re a CNN anchor who can’t stop giggling at a poop joke while on the air, chances are Stephen Colbert is going to make fun of you. And that’s exactly what Colbert Report host did to Anderson Cooper, who couldn’t stop laughing at his own puns when reporting on a story of 62-year-old French actor Gerard Depardieu, who made headlines earlier this week for urinating in the cabin of a plane. Taking on the man he termed “CNN’s wood elf,” Colbert came out with a long list of puns that perhaps Cooper would find equally as funny. Colbert declared, “I think we have finally found Anderson Cooper’s weakness.” Watch the video below!

Regarding the incident that kicked this whole thing off, Depardieu’s traveling companion, Edouard Baer, released a statement on his friend’s behalf Friday, stating that Gerard was “stone-cold sober at the time” and simply couldn’t hold it because he suffers from prostate problems. “Gerard was upset at this and offered to clean up the mess. He has prostate problems and it was very worrying and humiliating for him.”

Cooper could not “hold it” either. While reporting the story on Wednesday, he made the joke, “Lucky it wasn’t Depar… two”, and could not control the giggles that soon overtook the entire broadcast.

In his lampoon, Colbert listed off a slew of famous people’s names, only with a scatalogical twist on them: Camilla Parker-BowelsDame Doody Stench, and L.L. Stool J, to name a few. In imitation of Cooper, Colbert, after listing all of the names, disintegrates into helpless laughter. And he caps the whole thing off by referring to Anderson Cooper as “Anderson Pooper.”

While prostate issues are certainly no laughing matter, and Mr. Depardieu should not feel humiliated for what is a health problem, it just goes to show you that everyone appreciates a good bathroom joke.


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