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MargOH!’s Top 12 1/2

Hey kids, it’s me MargOH! I know it’s been a while but it takes a long time to drink your way out of 500 cases of champagne. Someone had to get that in the Guinness record books.

Now that I’m back! I’ve got a lot on my mind.

So here it goes kids… In the coming months I’m going to be presenting MargOH!’s favorite things. Move over Oprah; no please move that big ass. I gotta sit somewhere.

I’ll be presenting MargOH!’s Top 12 ½.

I’ll choose a category like dance songs, love songs, the biggest sluts in Hollywood, NYC Celebs, My favorite Facebook friends, etc. You get my drift?

I want to hear from you as well!  Let me know your feelings on my picks! It’ll be a gas! Come join MargOH!  as she goes in search of the big 12 1/2 on Fierth.

Kids, here is my debut category!

MargOH!’s Top 12 ½ Dance songs


Groove is in the Heart by Deee- Lite

This song really brings out the beast in me. Is there another song out there that mixes beats and grooves like this one? The answer is no! This song put funk back onto the dance floor.  Believe me it really did!  By the smell of the sweaty gays I grooved with on the floor. The funk was all over the place…No worries kids it was pleasure to be drenched in sweat in honor of the fabulous Lady Miss Kier.

Super Model (You better work) by RuPaul

There is something about this tune that just makes your hair grow into an afro on your way to the dance floor. I remember hearing this song for the first time and thinking “How fun”. Then when I saw the video I thought “How Amazing”. RuPaul took people on a journey after the release of Supermodel of the World. She kicked open doors if ever so slightly for a generation of queens to say get your ass out of the closet. With her bold style and feel good message she carried herself to success in music, television, film and even writing. RuPaul ran with it…You better work!

Vogue by Madonna

There are about ten Madonna songs that could have made my list of my favorite Top 12 ½ but after downing six dirty martini’s I started to Vogue. Those drinks just made me express myself (yourself) into feeling I needed to take a Holiday. Now Papa don’t Preach cause I didn’t pick Music or had the time to Dress you up like a virgin.Don’t make me Justify my Love because it goes Deeper and Deeper. “Hello, are you there? Damn he Hung Up

Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez

It pains me to put Jennifer Lopez on this list but MargOH! can’t deny that this song was a massive hit and electrified the gays. I’d much rather have given a nod to Taylor Dayne’s Prove Your Love or Lisa Lisa’s Can you feel the beat but it was the video that bumped this anthem up a notch…I’m now just waiting for Jennifer to be nicer…


Love Shack by The B-52s

Who can deny the cheese factor of this song but kids I love cheese. Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, Dill Havarti, but I don’t do anything from a goat. The B-52s mixed new wave with good old rock-n-roll to make you want to tap your feet and put a smile on your face. In my case drink a big ass margarita while twisting my weave into a Beehive honey. This song never gets old and it’s one of my go to pick me ups when I’m feeling down.


The Cup of Life by Ricky Martin

A star was born on the Grammy awards when Ricky Martin performed Go, Go, Go (The Cup of Life). I don’t know if anyone remembers this performance but kids I do. It was one of the best Grammy performances of all time. Ricky turned on the Latin heat and ended up heating up the charts for the years that followed. We were gaga over his many talents especially those gyrating hips… This song is a party anthem for all nations!!  P.S. If anyone questioned whether or not Ricky was gay after this performance I’d have ask if they were mentally retarded. He was wearing leather belled bottom slacks…need I say more…

 Believe by Cher

Can you believe Cher is 64 years old? I don’t…I demand to see a birth certificate! She has somehow managed to keep herself looking perpetually 39. Of course Cher explains her young appearance on account of good genes. I’m sure that plays a part but so does some plastic surgeon. I’m not sure who the doctor is but we should all find out and get in line. Believe was the biggest hit of 1998, a smash heard around the world probably about 90 million times. Of course I’m exaggerating but this auto-tuned hit was on rotation endlessly. It also sparked the never ending Living Proof Farewell tour.  If I’m not mistaken it came through New York three times. Cher is a living legend and Believe was a comeback song for the ages. Love it!

The Twist by Chubby Checker

I usually have my martini’s dry with a twist. Especially after I do a turn at the local soc-hop to Chubby Checkers The Twist. OH! Wait that was back in 1962! When I was a little girl! I no longer do a twist due to my acid reflux.  Also, now that I’m 63 I can’t really do The Twist dance any longer. I took a nasty spill tripping over a bottle of Stoli. OH! Well that’s okay kids because I can still enjoy that simple but fabulous song that got the oldies and young alike off their feet and onto the dance floor. Billboard named this song the  # 1 single of all time…It was so good it hit  # 1 twice in 1960 and again in 1962.

Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Huston

I’ve got one thing to say… Perfection

Everybody, Everybody by Black Box

I had to put one Lip Synched song on this list and Black Box is the chosen group. Their big hits in the 90’s were all sung by Martha Wash. A model Katrin aka Catherine Quinol was featured in the video’s and Lip Synched live performances. Who cares? It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it! Everybody strike it up!


Last Dance by Donna Summer

Throw on a skin hugging gold sequin gown, a fabulous wig and find yourself a Karaoke or Drag competition and let it fly. The Queen of Disco does it best and Last Dance has everything one needs to be a diva. I don’t know how many times I made loops around the disco looking for my last dick, I mean dance…Well you know what I mean. Thank you Donna..

Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Kylie

Could anyone get this hook out of their head at the beginning of the new millennium? I think not. Kylie finally achieved world domination and I can’t think of a better or more deserving artist. There is something about Kylie that makes you want to wrap your arms around her. Much like I feel like doing to myself on a daily basis but I ain’t got the big hits…Damn it!

Now this selection is my ½  (meaning not good enough to be on the list for whatever reason MargOH! sees fit) pick of MargOH!’s Top 12 ½

Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira

The reason why I chose this song is because I have no idea what Shakira is saying other than “Hips Don’t Lie”. Am I the only one who can’t understand a god damn thing this gal is saying? If anyone can tell me what the hell the lyrics are without looking them up please let me know. Shakira sounds like a rooster caught in a clothes dryer…Now when she sings in her native language  it sounds lovely but in English…interpreter please…It’s times like this listening to a song I wish we still had records so I can scratch it and call it a day…MargOH! Don’t lie…


MargOH!’s not the only one dancing up a storm. I did a shout out to some friends and celeb’s to see what they bump and grind to…

My songbird Gayiance’ and partner in crime on all things fun and boozy MAN-ee Champagne has been shimmying around the loft to

Remedy by Little Boots

Weimar Cabaret star Kim Smith is hot for anything Kylie but he goes bonkers for

Doin’ the do by Betty Boo

Writer and sex advice expert Brandon Bartling tells me he is jumping up and down for

Scream by Kelis


My bestie and lamp designer extraordinaire Mike Dantico is still kickin’ the dog to

Gonna Catch You by Lonnie Gordon

Music Producer and honorary MargOH!-tini Nick Abate gets his disco on with

Come to Me by France Joli

Radio Personality and Actor Tym Moss says he is old school and thank goodness because he comes out dancing to

It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls

Photographer to the stars Rex Lott gets ready and revved up for spin class by getting into the groove with

Holiday by Madonna

Who is the girl with the thirty four and a half inseam? Burlesque star Legs Malone and she likes to twirl her tassels to

Give Me the Night by George Benson

Photographer, writer and current Queen of the nightlife scene Gerry Visco is totally gone club kid crazy and has chosen

I Gotta Feeling by Alvin and the Chipmunks


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