Fierth’s i-ON interview – Alphonso King (aka Jade Elektra/DJ Relentless)

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, Fierth’s i-ON interview – Alphonso King (aka Jade Elektra/DJ Relentless),

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Fierth’s i-ON interview – Alphonso King (aka Jade Elektra/DJ Relentless),


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Fierth recently sat down with the legendary DJ and Performer Alphonso King   aka Jade Elektra / DJ Relentless who produced the original Relentlessly Cunty compilation CD .  With the  recent release of “Bitch You Look Remixed” on iTunes,  Jade Elektra drops remix realness on  classic tracks like “Bitch You Look Fierce” and “Why Are You Gaggin?”   Get into DJ Relentless.


Fierth Magazine: What is your full name ? 

Alphonso King (aka Jade Elektra/DJ Relentless)


FM:    What is your motto?

AK:     “A hard head makes a soft ass.”


FM:    What exactly are you wearing right now?

AK:     A T-shirt that says “Spelling Bee Winnur” and underwear.


FM:    How tall are you?

AK:     6 foot 5 inches


FM:    How do you keep it real?

AK:     By being myself always


FM:    Describe your home in 6 words or less.

AK:     My fortress of solitude


FM:    What were you like as a child?

AK:     Ambitious and creative


FM:    What does your mother say about you?

AK:     Unfortunately, she died back in 1988. But she was proud of the person I had become and even attended some of my early shows.


FM:    Describe a time/event in your life that you’re nostalgic for.

AK:     I miss theEastVillagein the mid 90’s. The bars, the people and the energy really inspired me.


FM:    As a teenager where did you think you would be now?

AK:     I actually couldn’t see my life past 30.


FM:    List 5 quirky things about yourself.


– My head itches when I eat something that I love.

– I am a huge Daffy Duck fan.

– I sound like Barry White when I first wake up.

– If I injure myself before a show I know it will be a great show.

– Once inAspenI was mistaken for Charles Barkley.


FM:    If you could buy anything regardless of cost, what would you buy?

AK:     An original “Millipede” arcade video game. I’ve always wanted one.


FM:    If someone wrote a biography on your life , what do you think the title should be?



FM:    If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

AK:     Play the piano


FM:    What motivates you in life?

AK:     Music…I just love it.


FM:    What is your favorite song?

AK:     “Autumn InNew York” by Billie Holiday


FM:    What is the worst song you have ever heard?

AK:     I cannot remember the guy’s name, but he had done a cover of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” ( really like Olivia Newton-John’s version), but this guy could not sing and completely cheated in the studio on the last note.


FM:    Have you ever felt hopeless? How did you get through it?

AK:     Yes, back in 1990 when I got the news that I am HIV positive. I went through a major depression and plotted taking out a large loan to travel the world and do the things I always wanted to do. Back then it was a death sentence. After about 2 months I woke up one day and thought to myself – “You are an idiot! You’ll take out this loan and you’ll be as healthy as horse and you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life.” That kinda made me snap out of it.


FM:    What makes you angry ?

AK:     The thing makes me the most angry is when people don’t keep their word.


FM:    Whom do you despise?

AK:     I think I despise celebrities that don’t live their truth. If you are in a position to be a voice for a group of people you should come out.


FM:    What do you daydream about?

AK:     Doing live shows as my drag persona, Jade Elektra


FM:    Who are your main inspirations?

AK:     As a drag performer, my inspirations are Divine, Sylvester, Tim Curry, Tina Louise and most definitely my mother. As a DJ, Walter Winston, Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tommiie and most definitely my uncle, Herbert King.


FM:    You can trade places with any other person, living or dead, for 24 hours. Who would you choose and why?

AK:     I think I would love to had been Josephine Baker on her opening night inParis. That must have been a fabulous night.


FM:    Which stars, if any leave you star struck?

AK:     I would have to say Henry Cavill leaves me starstruck.


FM:    Do you believe in karma?

AK:     Yes….I do believe in karma. I witness it everyday (in my life and in others). You get what you give. And that’s why I always try to do a good deed everyday. Help a stranger. It can be as simple as holding a door for someone.


FM:    What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

AK:     The sweetest thing I think someone has ever done for me is when an ex of mine’s parents threw a surprise birthday party for me when they had never even met me before. It was my 30th and my first time inSanta Rosa,California. My ex, Chris was taking me home to meet his parents.


FM:    Ever had a rumor spread about you?

AK:     Yes…someone said that I was a transsexual.


FM:    What do you think about before falling asleep?

AK:     I usually rewind my day. I find that if you try to remember every single thing you did before you laid down it will exhaust you and you will fall asleep.


FM:    Where is your favorite place to lunch?

AK:     My favorite place to lunch is Virgil’s BBQ in Time Square


FM:    Do you know how to cook? What do you most like to make ?

AK:     Yes, I do know how to cook. These days I love making Butter Chicken with brown rice and steamed vegetables.


FM:    What’s something about yourself that no one knows?

AK:     I have a fear of statues….larger than life statues.


FM:    If you could buy anything regardless of cost, what would you buy?

AK:     An original “Millipede” arcade video game. I’ve always wanted one.



, Fierth’s i-ON interview – Alphonso King (aka Jade Elektra/DJ Relentless),


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iTunes : Bitch You Look Remixed


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