Fierth iON interview with JACKIE BEAT

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, Fierth iON interview with JACKIE BEAT,

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Fierth iON interview with JACKIE BEAT,


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, Fierth iON interview with JACKIE BEAT,

Fierth.com recently had the pleasure of picking the brain of legendary Drag-comedienne Jackie Beat who’s been treating audiences to her shock and awe shows for many years.  Jackie has toured with Roseanne Barr, and collaborated on special material for the likes  Rosie O’Donnell and Jennifer Coolidge;  She’s appeared in countless TV shows (Sex and the City), movies like Grief, Wigstock The Movie, Flawless, Adam & Steve,   and shined in Off-Broadway hits “Valley of the Dolls” &”Tell-Tale!” and has written and produced her own shows like “whatever happened to Busty Jane”   She has been named Best Drag Queen by New York Press and Best Live Performance by HX Magazine. Jackie is also a columnist, lead singer for the electro-rock band, Dirty Sanchez, and the subject of the documentary film My Name is Jackie Beat including commentary from Joan Rivers, Margaret Cho, and Roseanne.

, Fierth iON interview with JACKIE BEAT, NYC’s favorite Grinch returns to NYC with her 14th annual Holiday Show
December 14 – 18 at The Laurie Beechman Theater

Buy tickets HERE.


Now its Jackies turn to reveal her true self in Fierth’s i-ON interview.. Get to know Jackie Beat !

Fierth Magazine: What is your name?

Jackie Beat


FM:    Do you have a nick-name?

JB:     Bitch

FM:    What is your motto?

JB:     “Everything’s fucked!”

FM:    How tall are you?

JB:     6’1” out of heels

FM:    What exactly are you wearing right now?

JB:     Oversized Jack Daniels t-shirt (I’m in bed)

FM:    What were you doing right before this interview?

JB:     Lunch with friends

FM:    What were you doing last night at Midnight?

JB:     Dozing off while watching “The Golden Girls” in bed with my dogs

FM:    What do you think about before falling asleep?

JB:     How nice it is to escape

FM:    What do you think about and are the first three things you do first after waking up in the morning?

JB:     What I think about depends on the day. I turn on the coffee maker, take the dogs out to the backyard and then give them a treat.

FM:    How do you keep it real?

JB:     I say what people are thinking

FM:    Describe your home in 6 words or less.

JB:     A shamelessly beautiful mid century movie set

FM:    What were you like as a child?

JB:     A rather macabre natural blonde

FM:    What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

JB:     I was a very good kid who always played by the rules… Until I started smoking, drinking and wearing makeup.

FM:    As a teenager where did you think you would be now?

JB:     Six feet under

FM:    If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what do you think you would be doing?

JB:     Advertising executive

FM:    Is there a time/event in your life that you’re nostalgic for?

JB:     I miss The Eighties!

FM:    What does your mother say about you?

JB:     Nothing, she’s dead. But when she was alive she was a 50/50 mix of Tough Love and Support

FM:    List 5 quirky things about yourself.


-I adore carrot juice

-I despise raspberries

-I’m addicted to thrift shopping

-I am obsessed with the 1976 movie “Carrie,”

-I occasionally pretend I’m Joan Crawford.


FM:    Post a haiku based on your life


Life is tough and short

Never underestimate

The value of lies

FM:    If someone wrote a biography on your life, what do you think the title should be?

JB:     Tears of a Clown

FM:    If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

JB:     To communicate with my dogs


FM:    What motivates you in life?

JB:     Laughter

FM:    What makes you angry?

JB:     Cruelty, stupidity, bad grammar and/or misspellings

FM:    Have you ever felt hopeless? How did you get through it?

JB:     Yes. I plastered a smile on my face and kept going.

FM:    What brings you the most joy?

JB:     Dogs

FM:    If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

JB:     To communicate with my dogs

FM:    Tell me about an actual accidental adventure you’ve had.

JB:     I was performing in some small Midwestern town and when I returned to my hotel, there was a slightly drunk corn-fed All American young man hanging around the elevator whom I assumed was going to harass me. He asked, “Where are you going?” and I replied “To my hotel room” and he smiled and said, “Me too!” It was really sweet and very hot.

FM:    What’s the strangest thing you’ve done this week?

JB:     Googled symptoms of Syphilis for a holiday song parody I am writing.

FM:    What is your greatest extravagance?

JB:     Frequent and lengthy hot baths

FM:    What is your guilty pleasure?

JB:     Makeup and jewelry

FM:    If you could buy anything regardless of cost, what would you buy?

JB:     All the houses on a cul-de-sac where all my talented but struggling friends could live

FM:    Do you collect anything?

JB:     I collect everything.

FM:    What’s the weirdest item you’ve ever mourned losing?

JB:     A large oriental necklace.

FM:    Which causes do you believe in the most in, and why?

JB:     Animal rights and gay rights because I am a gay animal.

FM:    Which stars, if any leave you star struck?

JB:     Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand

FM:    Who are your main inspirations?

JB:     Sandra Bernhard, Andrea Martin

FM:    Whom do you despise?

JB:     Lady Gaga. I am neither little nor a monster, thank you very much

FM:    You can trade places with any other person, living or dead, for 24 hours. Who would you choose and why?

JB:    ElizabethShort aka The Black Dahlia. I need to know who killed her.

FM:    What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

JB:     Mario bought me my dog, Baby. And a rich & famous friend of mine handed me a check for $29,000 for surgery.

FM:    What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?

JB:     I came home early from work one day My boyfriend had found my porn collection and he was furious. He held it up in disgust and said, “You’re a pedophile!” I said, “That’s a pretty big word for an 8 year old.”

FM:    What is your favorite song?

JB:     Magic and Ecstasy by Ennio Moriconne

FM:    What is your favorite sound?

JB:     Laughter


FM:    What is your “ Safety Word”

JB:     “Harder!”

FM:    What is the worst song you have ever heard?

JB:     “Friday” by Rebecca Black

FM:    If you could choose a superhero power, What would it be, And how would you use it.  [ Invisibility, Ability to Fly, Super Strength, Read Peoples Mind’s ,Elasticity, Super Stamina]

JB:  Ability to fly. I would use this ability to — and get this – FLY!

FM:    Ever had a rumor spread about you?

JB:     Yes.

FM:    What’s something about yourself that no one knows?

JB:     When I’m going to die.

FM:    Do you believe in karma?

JB:     No, I think one of the hardest realities to come to terms with in this life is that good things happen to horrible people – and vice versa.

FM:    Do you believe in reincarnation?

JB:     It’s possible, but I would never claim to know for sure. I would want to come back as a lonely middle-aged drag queen’s dog.

FM:    Where is your favorite place to lunch?

JB:      Astro Diner, Silverlake CA

FM:     Do you know how to cook? What do you most like to make ? 

JB:     Yes, but my favorite thing to cook is actually something simple and from my college days called “Hobo Stew”: Ground turkey, a can of corn, a jar of salsa, served with corn tortillas.

FM:    Let’s play a Quick Fire round : I am going to say a word , tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.


Bitch: Me

Money: Freedom

Love: Friends

Unique:  Talent

Power:  Kindness

Hate:  Mirror

Moist:          Ugh!

Sex:  Hairy

Dirt:  Clean

God:  Trees

Cozy:  Bed

Fame:  Prison

Funny:  Sexy

Best:  Worst

Good: Dogs

Bad:  People

Worst:  Religion

Myself:  Funny


FM:    What are you going to do next?

JB:     (I’m on ) Holiday Tour  [ Jackie Beat is the NutCracker ]

FM:    Leave us a quote to carry on with

JB:     “Why don’t you want to look like what you are?” – Malcolm X

FM: How can we find out more about you :

Face book:   facebook.com/jackiebeat

Webpage:    missjackiebeat.com

Twitter:        twitter.com/JACKIEBEAT

Email :         [email protected]

NYC’s favorite Grinch returns to NYC with her 14th annual Holiday Show
December 14 – 18 at The Laurie Beechman Theater

Buy tickets HERE.

“A crabby alternative to Christmas cheer… An oasis of bile in a season of sappy sentiment.” — Time Out

JACKIE BEAT, everyone’s favorite Grinch, returns to NYC for her 14th annual holiday show. Beginning December 14th, the self-professed bastard child of “Weird” Al Yankovic and Bette Midler will premiere JACKIE BEAT: THE NUTCRACKER at The Laurie Beechman Theater (inside West Bank Cafe at 407 West 42nd Street — at Ninth Avenue, accessible from the A,C,E,N,R,V,F,1,2,3 trains at 42nd Street). This limited engagement runs for 6 performances only: Wednesday, Dec. 14 – Sunday, Dec. 18 at 7:30pm with an added 10pm show on Saturday, Dec. 17. Tickets are $20 – $22 plus a $15 food/drink minimum. To purchase tickets call 212-352-3101 or visit www.SpinCycleNYC.com. Note: advance purchase highly recommended; Beat has sold out every holiday show in the last 10 years. 



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