BREAKDOWN w/ THE KIKI TWINS – Princess Superstar


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, BREAKDOWN w/ THE KIKI TWINS – Princess Superstar,

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BREAKDOWN w/ THE KIKI TWINS – Princess Superstar,


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By The KIKI Twins

Name: Princess Superstar
What you do: Rock
Where you are based: NYC

1. So tell us, what is the most FIERTH thing about you?
I’m basically like a gay man. Some of my song titles are “NYC Cunt”, “Licky”, “Perfect”, etc.

2. What type of art do you create?

I make music that transcends genres, cliques and dress codes.

3. What’s going on right now for you?

I have a new song and video called Xmas Swagger!
you can buy it here:

4. What’s on your plate in the upcoming year?

2012!!  If we all survive, I will be dropping the best record of all time!

5. Who’s on your radar? Who should we be keeping an eye on?

Azelea Banks and Lazy Jay 

6. What is something no one knows about you?

I am a deeply spiritual person.

7. What are some of your pet peeves?
People smoking cigarettes.

8. If you could be anywhere right now doing anything with anyone, tell us who, what and where.

I’d be right here, right now.  I just had a baby and it’s completely magical.

9. Where can people find out more about you and keep up with you?

and of course my website- www.princesssuperstar.com

One final question…
10. Are we there yet?

No, not yet.  Mankind still has a long way to go, but I feel like the consciousness is being raised so that one day soon we will all live in a utopia!


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