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Deven Green , Word Association with Deven Green,

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Deven Green is the creator/voice behind the Youtube  phenom “Welcome To My Home” comedy parodies and is “America’s Best Christian” – Betty Bowers ; Lets Play a round of  Word Association Quick Fire…  Deven, I am going to say a few words tell me what comes to mind first .

Deven: ..Challenge!

Fierth:   The words are :

Bitch, Money, Love,  Unique,  Power, Hate, Moist, Sex, Dirt, God, Cozy, Fame, Funny,  Best,  Good, Bad, Worst, Me –

Deven Green: 

The 1931 Jean Renoir film “La Chienne” had an alternative title, “BITCH.” Who doesn’t love him, her, and the other him…it’s so French, it’s European! Possible mis-quote: “it’s the moustache that throws you off.” It always will bitch.
As much as I love my own money I will always love your MONEY better…Mo Better.

Wouldn’t it be nice if LOVE was static and the Haag Daaz relationship phase stayed for ever – you know that phase where everything tastes good in your mouth.
You are sooooo UNIQUE that everyone is talking about you…trust me…everyone.

Even if the POWER goes out, you still smell like shit.

I HATE MOIST cake too because it seems uncooked which leads to the raw-egg illness which once gave me the bird flu. Thankfully I put a poltice on it.

Handguide: If you are offering SEX just put out.

The only thing that polishes up a DIRTY old sherriff’s badge is a good licking.

Betty Bowers is so close to Jesus that when she sniffs pepper, He sneezes. GOD just shakes his head.

COZY is an 18 point word. Remember, Z (pronounced ‘zed; in Canadia talk)=10 points. Used in a sentence: Get your head cozy in my lap.

Poor behaviour because you now have FAME? I believe it is just magnifying what was already there all along…a-hole.

FUNNY how you have no logical explanation for your recent change in behavior. You just suppress it until one of us explodes and there is a 6” heel embedded in the stucco. You. Do. Whatever. You. Do. I’ll just sit here in silence.NOTHING? You still aren’t going to talk. Why? Why? Forget it. I don’t care. Don’t leave … I DO CARE. Is it about me? It’s me right? I’ll change! I’ll be who ever you want me to be. COME BACK. Come back.come back.

BEST Nighttime Actoress nominee Deven Green. “I like night time actoressing because it’s easier!”

It’s GOOD to pretend you are a virgin again. Start fresh and streeetttccchhh it out a little.

It’s BAD to babysit and invite a boy over then get caught in the bedroom with your braces full of pubic hair.

There is nothing WORSE than bad.

Without ME there is less of you. Without YOU I am less defined. The remora fish and the shark have it all figured out.

Deven Green , Word Association with Deven Green,

About Deven :
Deven Green is the creator/voice behind the “Welcome To My Home” comedy parodies and is “America’s Best Christian – Betty Bowers.”
Get on your knees: [ Betty Bowers Youtube Channel ]

With over 9 million views of her videos, a plethora of comedy awards and international web recognition Deven has thoroughly finger-blasted the zeitgeist out of the American lexicon. Headlining with her real-life husband and comedy partner Joel Bryant, they have performed from the Middle East to Vegas to Pride to maximum security prisons and every brothel in between.

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