Fierth i-ON Interview with ACID BETTY

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acid betty, Fierth i-ON Interview with ACID BETTY,

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Fierth i-ON Interview with ACID BETTY,


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The World’s Fiercest Hybrid Drag Queen ACID BETTY  returns to the spotlight with his debut debut song “Ruthless” featuring Brittany Campbell.  Acid’s visionary style and larger than life presence has turned traditional precepts of drag  performance upside down and his iconic status has grown to be recognized worldwide; recently performing at  Rome’s Gay Village. Get to know Acid Betty.

Fierth:                        What is your name?  

       Acid Betty a.k.a. Tranny Realness a.k.a. Rancid Bertha a.k.a. Acrylic Elisabeth aka who?

Fierth:            Do you have a nick-name?

Acid Betty:     My most popular nick-name for the last year or so has been <total ignore, turn to friend> “Is that Acid Betty?” <staring and still ignoring me><facebook friend request at 4:20am from said individuals>..  Not my favorite nick-name I must admit.

Fierth:            How tall are you?

Acid Betty:     6 foot

Fierth:            What is your motto?

Acid Betty:     Quit worrying if your vision is new let others make that decision they usually do.  Just keep moving on.

Fierth:            How do you describe your work?

Acid Betty:     A mix between 80’s and 90’s pop, with a love for Robyn.  😉

Fierth:            What do you like most about what you do?

Acid Betty:     I love that I get to create crazy and bizarre art and imagery and somewhere somehow across the globe or in the little nooks and crannies it sticks somehow.

Fierth:            How do you keep it real?

Acid Betty:     By keeping close friends around you to tell you when are acting a fool or not.

Fierth:            Where are you based , where do you call home ?

Acid Betty:     I live in the BK, BROOKLYN, new york.

Fierth:            Describe your home in 6 words or less.

Acid Betty:     Quiet, Pink, Loud and werqing!

Fierth:            Do you collect anything?

Acid Betty:     I collect talented creative souls.  I don’t have a large collection, but a few I do have.  And it’s ever growing and I am every searching.

Fierth:            Where did you grow up ?

Acid Betty:     I hate this question.  I am from the armpit ofCalifornia.  The place that holds the number one rate for bankruptcy and divorce in all of California.  Thats right Ladies and Gentlemen, Riverside, California.  And sadly most recently where Etta James last lived and past away.  All great memories from Riverside.  Ha!

Fierth:            What were you like as a child?

Acid Betty:     I was shy and polite as a child as well as very creative.  I always was creating things and making creatures, puppets and so on.  By age 15 I was selling costume jewelry to Nordrstroms.  In fact some of the cystals and stones I use for Acid Betty are left-overs from back in my jeweler days.

Fierth:            As a teenager where did you think you would be now ?

Acid Betty:     I hoped I would be doing what I am doing today.  I don’t think I ever envisioned a character such as Acid Betty to be taking such a spotlight, but overall… right where I am am and aiming upwards.

Fierth:            Describe a time/event in your life that you’re nostalgic for.

Acid Betty:     Any time that my mother was alive.  She loved all of my crazy artistic endeavors and always supported me to create and dream.  A former dancer herself she knew what it was like to “fly”.

Fierth:            How would your best friend describe you?

Acid Betty:     A total bitch

Fierth:            What are some qualities you value in your friends ?

Acid Betty:     Honesty, loyalty and a underlying desire to understand each others place in the world through compassion.

Fierth:            List 5 quirky things about yourself.

Acid Betty:

-I hate whistling.

-Iced Coffee, with a straw.  Lots of ice!

-I drink almost everything with a straw.

-I almost never forget a face.

-I am the biggest Robyn and Jessie J Fan ever.

Fierth:            What makes you angry ?

Acid Betty:     Liars and gay men losing their gentleman ways the minute they walk in a gay bar.

Fierth:            What motivates you in life?

Acid Betty:     Currently the idea of making more music is pretty exciting!

Fierth:            If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Acid Betty:     Speak any language.  I feel a large a barrier is language and if I had the ability to speak more languages I definitely would be communicating more.  Duh!

Fierth:            Which places have you traveled to that you feel had changed your perspective of the world ?

Acid Betty:     I went to school in London and that engrained a global understanding that has never really left. Then most recently traveling to Rome, Italy with Joey Arias, Penny Arcade, Sherry Vine, Tigger, Pheobre Legere and seeing their talents featured where art was created.  Then to lump me in with all of those parts, Rome definitely left a lasting impression on how my art affects those around me near and far.  It was also this trip to Rome where I performed Ruthless and decided to release it as a music video and not just a “performance piece”.


Fierth:            Which causes do you believe in the most in, and why?

Acid Betty:     I believe it is our responsibility as queer men and woman to continue our history and knowledge of the struggles in the past.  We should be handing down this information in our conversations daily.  It is when we forget about our past that we will also begin to lose our rights.

Fierth:            If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what do you think you would be doing?

Acid Betty:     I have lived my life making choices very focused on what it was I wanted to achieve.  I don’t see myself anywhere else but where I am at and I look forward to what the future holds.

Fierth:            Which celebrity do you suspect is actually a hologram? 

Acid Betty:     Amanda Lepore.  She looks younger every time I see her and not a single soul dislikes here. Showtime Over Synergy!

Fierth:            What is your beauty secret ?

Acid Betty:     Drinking the blood of young boys.  Is it working?

Fierth:            What is your “ Safety Word”?

Acid Betty:     Armageddon

Fierth:            What is your favorite song?

Acid Betty:     Ruthless

Fierth:            What is your favorite sound?

Acid Betty:     The ocean

Fierth:            What do you think is the meaning of life ?

Acid Betty:     To come with terms with your own immortality and discover the connections around you and to explore them before your light is put out as well.

Fierth:            Do you have a bucket list? List some things on it.

Acid Betty:     I never had a written down list, but releasing Ruthless on iTunes and making a Music Video definitely knocks off a few items from my fantasy list.

Fierth:            Ever had a rumor spread about you?

Acid Betty:     I think part of my claim to fame are all the rumors circulated about me.  I have heard some amazing stories that some I wish were true.  Ha!

Fierth:            What is the worst advice you have ever gotten ?

Acid Betty:     Don’t move to New York.  I obviously didn’t listen to that advice.

Fierth:            What’s something about yourself that no one knows?

Acid Betty:     I am really a man.

Fierth:            What are you going to do next?

Acid Betty:     I plan on producing an album more focused on the clubs.  I want to hear my beatz in the da clubz!

Fierth:            Leave us a quote to carry on with :

Acid Betty:     Let it come from you then it will be new.  Give us more to see.

Fierth:            How can we find out more about you :

Acid Betty:    Facebook     Acidbetty.com

acid betty, Fierth i-ON Interview with ACID BETTY,

Download Acid Betty’s Debut Single “RUTHLESS”  on itTunes

acid betty, Fierth i-ON Interview with ACID BETTY,

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