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krystal something something, FIERTH i-ON  Interview with KRYSTAL SOMETHING-SOMETHING    #rpdr,

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Krystal Something -Something has got talent, From his work in the ground breaking performance group Backspace, and his larger than life avante-garde camp fashion sense he brings cartoon dreams to life. His recent endeavor, vying for a spot on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has inspired a fan driven campaign to support a deserved place on the cast. Get to know (and vote for) Krystal Something-Something.

Voting for Rupauls Drag Race is now in progress – Vote Here

FIERTH: What is your name?
KRYSTAL: Krystal Something Something

FIERTH: Do you have a nick-name?
KRYSTAL: Krystal Everything Everything

FIERTH: What is your motto?
KRYSTAL: Peace, Love, and Lisa Frank

FIERTH: How do you describe your work?
KRYSTAL: Captivating

FIERTH: What about your work frustrates you ?
KRYSTAL: Technology

FIERTH: What accomplishment are you most proud of ?
KRYSTAL: …..ask me after I’m on Drag Race! 😉

FIERTH: What is the secret to success ?
KRYSTAL: Being honest

FIERTH: What do you like most about what you do?
KRYSTAL: Making people smile

FIERTH: How tall are you?
KRYSTAL: 5’ 11”

FIERTH: How do you keep it real?
KRYSTAL: I’m from Ohio, it comes naturally

FIERTH: Where are you based , where do you call home ?
KRYSTAL: Brooklyn

FIERTH: Describe your home in 6 words or less.
KRYSTAL: The cover of a magazine

FIERTH: Do you collect anything? If so, what?
KRYSTAL: Lisa Frank paraphernalia

FIERTH: What were you like as a child?
KRYSTAL: An enigma

FIERTH: Where did you grow up ?
KRYSTAL: Circleville, Ohio

FIERTH: Describe a time/event in your life that you’re nostalgic for.
KRYSTAL: Interlochen Theatre Camp

FIERTH: As a teenager where did you think you would be now ?
KRYSTAL: On Broadway

FIERTH: How would your best friend describe you?

FIERTH: What are some qualities you value in your friends ?
KRYSTAL: Fresh breath, good sense of humor, likes tequila

FIERTH: List 5 quirky things about yourself.
KRYSTAL: My brain, penis, costume collection, music taste, and my junk drawer

FIERTH: Do you know how to cook? What do you most like to make ?
KRYSTAL: Kind of…..chinese food

FIERTH: Post a haiku based on your life

I always want to
Drink tequila and go out
But sometimes I can’t

FIERTH: If someone wrote a biography on your life , what do you think the title should be?
KRYSTAL: Something Something

FIERTH: Have you ever felt hopeless? How did you get through it?
KRYSTAL: Yes….music

FIERTH: What makes you angry ?
KRYSTAL: Gladiator sandals

FIERTH: What brings you the most joy?
KRYSTAL: Happy hardcore music

FIERTH: What motivates you in life?

FIERTH: If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what do you think you would be doing?
KRYSTAL: Being a housewife


FIERTH: My generation was …
KRYSTAL: confused

FIERTH: The kids today …
KRYSTAL: Grindr too much

FIERTH: What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
KRYSTAL: Talking back

FIERTH: What would be the introduction song to a movie based on your life ?
KRYSTAL: “Feelin’ Fine” by Ultrabeat

FIERTH: What is your favorite sound?
KRYSTAL: The sound of a can of Coke being opened

FIERTH: What is your favorite song?
KRYSTAL: Right now it’s “Like I Love You” by R.I.O.

FIERTH: What if any books you reading right now ?

FIERTH: What is your favorite dessert ?
KRYSTAL: Rocky road ice cream

FIERTH: Who are your main inspirations?
KRYSTAL: Leigh Bowery, Stephanie Tanner

FIERTH: If you could choose a superhero power, What would it be, And how would you use it.
KRYSTAL: Control time….so I could relive experiences, have more time to work on stuff, and use it during performances

FIERTH: Do you believe in karma?
KRYSTAL: YES……by talking shit about a performer, then sucking on stage

FIERTH: What is the worst advice you have ever gotten ?
KRYSTAL: You should have another shot


FIERTH: Let’s play a round of word association quick fire; I am going to say a word tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

Bitch: Tits
Money: lover
Love: Sucks
Unique: Me
Power: Washer
Hate: Her
Moist: Please
Sex: More
Dirt: Poor
God: Smack
Cozy: Fire
Fame: Now
Funny: Girl
Best: Day
Good : Batch
Bad: Boy
Worst: Sex
ME: Sounds Good

FIERTH: What are you going to do next?
KRYSTAL: Get my ass on drag race!

FIERTH: Leave us a quote to carry on with :
KRYSTAL: It’s polite to tell someone when they have something in their nose!

FIERTH: How can we find out more about you :
Facebook: Yes
Webpage: Google me
Twitter: Nope
Email : [email protected]

krystal something something, FIERTH i-ON  Interview with KRYSTAL SOMETHING-SOMETHING    #rpdr,

 Voting for Rupauls Drag Race is now in progress – Vote Here



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