Chick Fil-A and 23 other ANTI-GAY Companies

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, Chick Fil-A and 23 other ANTI-GAY Companies,

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Chick Fil-A and 23 other ANTI-GAY Companies,


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Unless you’re a strict vegetarian and completely focused on the Olympics, it’s hard for you to have missed all the flap over how much the anti-gay food chain Chick-Fil-A has been in the news, contributing tons of money to promote homophobia. The owner recently announced how his Christian values guide his choice to do all in his power and pocketbook to prevent marriage equality, but he’s gotten such negative blow back (particularly from younger folks who smell discrimation between the buns), the company has attempted to backpedal into declaring itself “neutral” in the culture wars.

Just so, ThinkProgress has come up with a new graphic to remind LGBT and Straight Allies which major companies take their money in order to contribute to homophobic causes and rightwing attack ads. Check out the sports teams and my former gym–Gold’s.

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, Chick Fil-A and 23 other ANTI-GAY Companies,


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