Mimi Imfurst – ‘I Would Hate Me Too’

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mimi imfurst, Mimi Imfurst – ‘I Would Hate Me Too’,

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Mimi Imfurst – ‘I Would Hate Me Too’,

Mitch Adair

Mimi Imfurst – ‘I Would Hate Me Too’,

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After surviving the post-Nor’Easter cabin fever, I shanteed my way (in sensible shoes) to the Laurie Beechman Theater. Last Saturday evening, I eagerly awaited for some dirt on RuPaul’s Drag Race, courtesy of Mimi Imfurst in her one-night only show ‘I Would Hate Me Too.’

Unfortunately, Mimi had to leave her claws home in the Garden State. After receiving a cease-and-desist order prior to the show, she soldiered on, joking about her New Jersey childhood years, taking shots at America’s fast-food diet of D-lIst celeb culture, and dropping tidbits about the show she famously lost – twice. (At least she’s consistent..). And here are some items that we learned during the show:

1. Mimi’s momma worked in the school cafeteria, fed her son cafeteria food at home, and even used the school’s food trays at home. Ironically, Mimi would sometimes rebel by packing her own lunch. (John Waters…are you listening?)

2. If you want to upgrade your airplane seat, then tell your airline employee fan that, yes indeed, you ARE Latrice Royale! An airline steward mistook Mimi for Latrice on a recent flight. Good thing the passengers didn’t need to access to the emergency exits; that half-blind steward would have directed them to the john.

4. If you’re on a delayed flight with Mimi, you might find her on Grindr. And if you’re her flight attendant on Grindr, you might think she’s cruising you. But really she’s just a bit embarrassed to use the call button and would like another bottle of water..

5. Speaking of Grindr on planes, Mimi apparently has the best luck. Not only did she meet a pilot on a past flight, but he also gave her free drink tickets!

5. Her luck with gigs isn’t as fortunate, though. Instead of booking sexy gigs in Los Angeles or San Francisco, she ends up in Akron or Toledo or another flyover city. (I guess middle America audiences like their queens to look corn fed.)

6. Supposedly those Drag Race queens receive only $200 per episode. Well now we know why hardly can hardly afford materials needed for Santino Rice’s couture standards. But that doesn’t explain why Mimi didn’t have on any nails Saturday night. (From the front row, her hands looked like they just returned from a Sandy beach clean-up).

7. Yes, indeed. It is a sad day when a child with no pubic hair has far more money than any of us. (One of the many mentions of Honey Boo Boo during the show)

8. Many Drag Race queens may rue (buh dum dum…rimshot) the first (and second) time Mimi stepped foot in that famous workroom. But she still has some friends in the biz (even if they’re professional ones). Milan was in the audience that night watching the show, and Mimi shared some previous performances with former contestants of Drag Race. Then again, if you only received 200 bucks an episode, you’d take as much work as you could.

9. While Mimi referenced the quintessential virtues of a drag star – cunning, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, I couldn’t help think there was a more subtle read when she suggested that ‘honesty, integrity, and values’ would be more appropriate. (And yes…she said them in that order…).

Mim has entertaining material, even if she needed to continually prompt herself during the show. Maybe her jokes that were altered due to the legal kibosh. Or they may have been penned in a haze (‘I really need to stop writing this when I’m drinking.’) She avoids poring over sour grapes, instead turning a heavily shadowed and critical eye to anything within her view. Although the tone of the jokes strike the same chord at times (bitchy ! bitchy ! bitchy !), she regularly makes her points – and gets laughs – with her dark humor. Next time, she better bring her sharpened claws. Or at the very least, her nails.


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