In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast

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rupauls drag race casting, In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

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Hey Kids,

I have a big mouth! Now If only you’d listen… We all must dream and kid’s I had a dream about what diva’s of drag really melt my MAC and would be perfect for next seasons RuPauls Drag Race. I’m sure you are asking yourselves! Who is MargOH! Channing to be making these choices? The Simple answer is I’m a boozing Drag Queen!  Who is more qualified than me? No one! Bring me…My girls! Let’s get to it! I’ve been watching Rupaul’s Drag Race for a couple of seasons now.  Many of the girls are a lot of fun and very talented. However I feel there is something missing and that is variety! It seems, like most reality shows, the casting goes for certain “types” rather than choosing people who may be completely different from the norm of what “people” expect of a drag queen. Sure we had the fabulous Sharon Needles and seasoned performers like Chad Michaels but previous casts hadn’t been very diverse and it seems they went back to the formula this season. I started to think who would I love to see on this show? Who do I think people would go crazy about? There are a lot of established talent out there that I feel should have a voice in this medium and have a lot to offer.

Here is MargOH!’s dream cast in no particular order

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My first pick is the former editor of the LGBT section of TimeOut NY Linda Simpson.  Linda has been on the downtown scene in NYC for decades and is the current queen of bingo with her King Murray Hill. Linda has a dry wit like no other I’ve ever seen and I’m sure her zingers would make for great television. I’m sure Michelle Visage may balk at Linda’s girl next door quality but I’m sure she could vamp it up given the chance. There are a lot of girls on this list that can give Linda a few make-up tips like how to draw your eyebrows on the top of her forehead as most women do, total fish!

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My Second pic is the insult comic Divine Grace. The bitch is smart as a whip and has thousands of followers that hang on her opinions and commentary on current events via social  media. Divine is also known for banging out a fabulous Bette Midler. All of this fabulousness recently led to a guest spot on the Frank DeCaro Show for Oscar night commentary with Lady Bunny and Flotilla DeBarge. Though being a queen and working the runway is of utmost importance there is something about Divine that is even more important. She is one hangin and good looking man out of face and after some of the horror I’ve witnessed in that workroom it would be refreshing to  have a little beefcake.

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My third pick is the outrageous and bible beating soul sucker Shealita Babay. The picture says it all! I’m sure she could read Sharon Needles to filth and make her run home crying to mommy. Lady is a little scary but has a heart of gin. Miss Babay is really one of the best satirical characters ever created. Miss Babay has the masses panting and fainting due to cheeky racist rants which dare to stir the shit. I’m in love with her and even got to film a short movie with this lady and her acting skills are right up there with Ann Ramsey. I’m sure RuPaul would have her hands full with this choice but don’t you think she should do some heavy lifting. Let’s do away with the fluff

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My fourth Pick is one of my old pals from Providence, Rhode Island. Yes, Providence! Even though it’s a smaller city it sure had had its share of top notch queens. My favorite though is a gal that can sing, Lip Synch and knock down a southern comfort with ease. Jackie Collins has more god given talent and confidence than any queen I’ve known. Make room for Miss Collins in that Absolute Vodka illusions room because I’m sure she may have a few words for Shealita Babay. Ms. Collins is a multiple pageant winner including Miss Gay Rhode Island known for her Diana Ross tribute shows and her weekly gigs at any number of clubs in the Northeast. I don’t know if she ever applied for the show but I’m surprised she hasn’t been on already. She’s a triple threat and a force to be reckoned with. Bring her on and she will bring her A game I’m sure.

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My fifth pick is Me! MargOH! Channing! I mean someone needs to sneak booze into the workroom to get everyone drunk so they pass out. I can hold my liquor! Plus I don’t know any of RuPauls songs other than Supermodel so I would have hours of fun catching up as I prepare for my sequester. I would be a shoe in for any challenge having to do with busted glamour. I’ve also picked up a lot of tips from watching the show especially how the girls use flour for shading and contour, who knew? But it’s a lot cheaper than Max Factor. I’d all be for playing mother hen to all these gals but kids I’m no lame duck. I’ve been performing since the beginning of time starting with my Judy Garland impersonation shows to currently wowing audiences with my boozy cabaret shows in New York City.  I can Lip Synch the hell out of a song and have a closet full of shiny dresses that would give Liberace choices honey! My Liza is a zany treat and my singing is …well…getting better…I’m a funny gal so feel me Ru, feel the MargOH!…If you can’t sell  yourself how are you gonna sell anybody else..

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My sixth pick for my dream RPDR cast for next season is Pepperica Swirl because I’d need to pay her to make my costumes in the workroom. I can’t even sew a hem. Honestly if anyone should be on this show to rock a look it is Pepperica, amazing designer and very nice person. All around diva! This is what I mean by variety! Pepperica is a former Empress of the NYC Imperial Court and is a fashion designer with her own business Planet Pepper. She has imagination and bitch can work a needle. This girl needs to seen in HD for her unique style to be seen.

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My seventh pick is Kandi Kane Baxter. She is another old, old, old, old gal from New England. Now in London! She is a great performer in every way and is blowing the world away with her videos with spot on impersonations of Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga to name a few. I’m not sure if they cast people from other countries other than Puerto Rico. Kandi ensured me she still has her multiple American citizenships in order. You see Kandi has multiple personalities incuding a gal by the name of Laquisha Jonz so I’m sure airport security will have a handful and an earful from Ms. Kane. I could see Kandi starting a lot of cat fights and being a total bitch! She would probably pull my hair for calling her old. If  you have about twenty four hours  go to Kandi’s Youtube page and be dazzled by her talent and you too will be begging for her to RuPaul it!

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My eight Pick is Brian Charles Rooney. I mean there is no better Drag Queen out there when Brian is on the beat. He starred as Lucy Brown in the Broadway revival of The Threepenny Opera. Brian’s latest creation is a character Dionne Salon based on a Canadian diva we all know too well  that had me rolling in the aisles of the soon to be Off Broadway production of “Bedbugs the Musical”. The work room will need a little class and Brian will fill that spot perfectly…Ms Rooney may just be the one to take the crown and win it all!

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My ninth pick is Sabel Scities Timothy Byars. I performed in a show with her on Fire Island this past summer and I was almost blown off the deck by her enormous talent. This gal is an all around great performer who puts a lot of thought into her performances. She has fabulous costumes, on the spot Lip Synch. She was also crowned Miss D America so she has pageant chops to boot! Plus we need someone who will leave some food on the Craft table for the bigger gals on my list. OH! I think just be me but I’m always hungry

In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast,

My tenth pick is another doll from over the pond  La John Joseph who graced NYC for a spell and wow what a impression he left on all of us. He puts a twist on androgyny that opens your mind to all of the possibilities of how gender can and should be viewed.  La JohnJoseph is a writer/singer/actor/performance artist currently enjoying success with the show “Boy in a Dress” that is currently on tour in the UK after an acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. La JohnJoseph is based in burlesque and his creative take on the human condition is peppered with a mix of satire and realness that would probably shock a viewer. This is a good thing and don’t we all need to open out hearts and mind to the craft of what drag can really be. Plus I don’t think Ru would turn away a natural redhead at the top of the game.. Now kids I know there are so many deserving queens out there that are working it every night! I take my hat off to all of the divas but I think I chose quite a cast. I know there are usually 14 contestants so I leave the other 4 up to you. Who would you like to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race that represent the drag you want to see while downing Martini’s on a Monday night like me?

By MargOH! Channing

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