Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately – The Highlights.


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lindsay lohan guest host, Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately – The Highlights.,

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Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately – The Highlights.,


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Looking fresh from her 90 day stint at a Malibu rehabilitation center, Lindsay Lohan guest-hosted Chelsea Lately on the E! Channel Monday night, Alongside her co-hosts Brad Wollack, Fortune Feimster and Jen Kirkman. Lindsay held her own with wit and peppy jubilation.  Hopefully she keeps on track and gives Amanda Bynes a call.

Some highlights of the “Chelsea Lately” episode include:

  • When talking about how Harry Styles had been asked about being bisexual with a DJ named Nick, Lohan joked, “I’ve been there.”
  • “You guys have had your share of making fun of me.” — Lohan to the other panelists, speaking the truth
  • “Justin Bieber was performing in New Jersey last night …” — Lindsay Lohan’s response when asked about her future plans
  • “He should have asked me to take him. I never get rejected.” — Lindsay Lohan on Justin Bieber getting rejected from a club
  • Lohan brought a clip from “The Canyons.” It was … Well, there’s a reason why the movie pushed Lohan directly to rehab.
  • “I end up in rehab and jail.” — Lohan’s response when asked about how vodka — to which she claimed an allergy — affects her
  • “I would never selfie-film myself curling my hair.” — Even Lindsay Lohan has her limits.
  • “I’m not concerned about that.” — After discussing the story of Kristen Stewart telling off the paparazzi, Lindsay wasn’t going to complain about a chance to get less attention.
  • Dylan Bruce seemed very excited to see Chuy.
  • “It was like ‘The Parent Trap’ on steroids.” — Bruce’s explanation of “Orphan Black”
  • Lohan and Bruce compared experiences of getting naked on film.
  • Paul Schrader, the director of “The Canyons,” showed up on set naked. Lindsay was not thrilled about this.

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