Aids Charities Manipulation and Exploitation of Gays; By Justin Samuels

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gmhc donations, Aids Charities Manipulation and Exploitation of Gays; By Justin Samuels,

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Aids Charities Manipulation and Exploitation of Gays; By Justin Samuels,

Justin Samuels

Justin Samuels graduated from Cornell University with a BA in History. He worked in financial services for three years. After then he decided to pursue more creative endeavors. He has written articles for Yahoo! and the WGAe blog. He also writes screenplays. Justin can be contacted at [email protected]

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Aids Charities Manipulation and Exploitation of Gays

By Justin Samuels

As a gay man I am appalled to witness Aids charities manipulation and exploitation of gays.  Chief among these non profit users and abusers of the gay community is GMHC.  Raising money for non profits to give Aids victims became quite the celebrity causes for the 1990s.  Large sums of money were raised to benefit Aids victims.  In the early days before modern antivirals, an Aids diagnosis was a death sentence.  Social services organization focused on securing housing and government benefits for HIV victims, who weren’t expected to live long.

But in 2014, medical treatments are much better.   HIV positive people can live comparatively healthy lives on modern antiviral medication.  Insurance companies now have to cover preexisting conditions.  So since HIV positive people can work and have their own insurance through work or buy the Affordable Healthcare Act, what are these charities even needed for?   What can they do for people who are now self sufficient and who can live normal lives?  They manipulate donors emotionally by using paths deaths in order to raise money for their organizations.  But how are they help their clients?  From this expose at DnaInfo, 21% of GMHC’s revenue is spent on rent.  A much higher percentage than another HIV organization, Housing Works.  GMHC has housing in a prime location in Manhattan, far from areas where poor unemployed HIV positive people might live.    So basically a huge chunk of GMHC’s revenue really goes to the landlord.  This includes money raised from donors.  Why was it necessary for GMHC to have such a prime expensive location?   They spend nearly $400,000 a month on rent.

A number of GMHC clients and donors feel used.  Some of these clients report that they feel that GMHC only uses their names to make money.   Which is the truth.  For those that say GMHC offers HIV testing, so does every hospital in New York City.  So do many private doctors and clinics.  You do not need to go to GMHC to find out your HIV status.  As for advocacy, that’s a vague term.  What are they advocating for?  And how successful are there in doing it?   Government funding for HIV welfare programs has been slashed, so it’s not like GMHC’s advocacy is all that effective.  It’s just a part of using the gay communities name (let’s advocate for those poor suffering gay men dying from HIV) to fleece money from donors and from the government.  And as I previously noted, today HIV for most is a manageable disease.  It’s a chronic illness that needs treatment, but it doesn’t make you disab.  It’s not something that entitles you to indefinitely social services support.  And it’s not something that entitles social services organizations to use client’s names and images to fleece donors and the government indefinitely.  GMHC needs major reform.  The organization should mainly focus on services that help HIV victims with mental or substance abuse problems return to work.  This includes therapy and if they don’t have a high school diploma, the GED programs with referrals to Workforce1 and other organizations that deal with the chronically underemployed.  Anything to do with medicine, testing, or other treatments can easily be dealt with by New York’s huge medical sector.  GMHC should stop pimping welfare programs to its clients.  In an era where the entire nation is suffering economically, trying to give HIV victims automatically free housing is unethical and immoral.  And GMHC needs to move to a low cost location where it’s close to its clients, who mainly live in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

The opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions
of Fierth.com or the publishers


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