TS Madison Wants Us To Know That It’s “On”

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TS Madison Wants Us To Know That It's "On", TS Madison Wants Us To Know That It’s “On”,

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TS Madison Wants Us To Know That It’s “On”,
Seth Clark Silberman (PhDJ) is a NYC DJ and writer. For almost two years, he was Sherry Vine's DJ at the now-closed DTox in the East Village. His first NYC residency was at Boys Room, where he DJ'ed for Amanda Lepore, Cazwell and Gio Black Peter. He has also spun at The Cock, Eastern Bloc, Posh, Vlada, Arrow Bar, Lucky Cheng's and Formika's F Word party when it was at Club Rebel. Seth was the first junior faculty hired to teach lesbian and gay studies at Yale University. He has been widely published on literature and popular culture. His writing about music has been include in VIBE and Paste magazines as well as Creative Loafing Atlanta. Seth also goes by his photographer alter ego, Richard Appedon. https://soundcloud.com/phdjsco

The library should not only be open but its walls should also throb from the whip of a deep bass line and the snap of a sassy high-hat. This combination catalogs any worthy “bitch track.” The best of the classic ones from the 1990s by Roxy, Franklin Fuentes and others had you both laughing at their clever lyrical reads and duck walking to the driving house music beat. (For refreshment or introduction, check out my “Bitch Trax Classix” playlist). (article continued below)

Often minimalist, with percussive friction preferred over lush melody, these bitch track anthems were operatic and combative. They certainly beat RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants to the punch with grandiose proclamations of fierceness. But they were intentionally funny, too. As Dorian Corey points out in “Paris Is Burning,” the endlessly fascinating documentary of late-1980s NYC balls, humor seals any good read’s deal: “You get it in a smart crack and everyone laughs and kikis because you found a flaw and exaggerated it.”


A new entry in this hallowed tradition comes from Vine superstar TS Madison, collaborating with B. Ames, who asks, “Is It On?” The track takes one of TS Madison’s catchphrases (she often ponders if her camera’s working) and uses it to throw down the gauntlet for a duel to prove who’s fiercest. The beat comes death-drop- and hair-flip-ready. It’s so relentless that it almost makes me forget that I wish that she were instead riffing off her hilarious “New weave! New weave! 22 inches!” Vine that made me fall for her last September (and watch it too many times in a row). Or that “On” included some of the full-frontal verve of her posts that show us exactly why her porn site is named “Big Dick Bitch.” I want everything included when she rightfully boasts, “Can’t take me, I’m pretty.”


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