Fierth i-ON interview with BIANCA DEL RIO #rpdr #biancadelrio

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BIANCA DEL RIO INTERVIEW, Fierth i-ON interview with BIANCA DEL RIO          #rpdr #biancadelrio,

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Fierth i-ON interview with BIANCA DEL RIO          #rpdr #biancadelrio,


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Fierth i-ON interview with BIANCA DEL RIO          #rpdr #biancadelrio,


Fierth’s Brian Mills sits down with RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner Bianca Del Rio and we get down to the real nitty gritty. Haling from New Orleans Bianca Del Rio came to New York CIty in the after math of Hurricane Katrina and qiuickly clawed her way to the top of the drag food chain.  Bianca sharp with and talent as a Tailor combines for a lethal combination in the art of drag. Now crowned as winner of Rupauls Drag Race Season 6, Bianca has been exposed to the world and the world loves Bianca.  Get to know Bianca Del Rio

FIERTH: What is your name?
BIANCA: Roy Haylock/Bianca Del Rio

FIERTH: Do you have a nick-name?
BIANCA: Bitch. Cunt. Erotic Clown.

FIERTH: Where are you based , where do you call home ?
BIANCA: I’m originally from New Orleans, and now I live in New York City.

FIERTH: How tall are you?
BIANCA: I’m 5’9” in real life, and 4’11” in heels. I’m not really good with math.

FIERTH: What is your motto?
BIANCA: Never let a bitch see you sweat!

FIERTH: How do you describe your work?
BIANCA: I think it’s sweet you call it “work!” In a nutshell, I’m an insult comic in a dress… A very nice, sparkly, sequined dress!

FIERTH: What about your work frustrates you ?
BIANCA: Shaving my balls. You never know when one might fall out of my skirt!

FIERTH: What accomplishment are you most proud of ?
BIANCA: Doing this interview with you. I’m kidding! It was actually the blow job I gave you to GET this interview!

FIERTH: What do you like most about what you do?
BIANCA: The opportunity to be blunt and completely honest.

FIERTH: Who or what inspired you to do drag?
BIANCA: I think it’s quite obvious. J. Edgar Hoover.

FIERTH: Did you enjoy dressing up as a child?
BIANCA: Shockingly, I never dressed up as a child, but I really enjoyed putting on puppet shows!

FIERTH: How do you describe your look ?
BIANCA: It’s a cross between Joan Crawford and Bozo the Clown!

FIERTH: What are some of your special talents ?
BIANCA: Ask my uncle! 😉

FIERTH: What is the secret to success ?
BIANCA: Is this a trick question? My mother is the only one who thinks I’m successful! (Because I’m the only one of my siblings who’s never been to jail!)

FIERTH: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
BIANCA: Yodeling.

FIERTH: What exactly are you wearing right now?
BIANCA: When not in drag, I like to keep it real butch… Lace panties.

FIERTH: What motivates you in life?
BIANCA: Susan Boyle. Hello!?

FIERTH: If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what do you think you would be doing?
BIANCA: A receptionist at any local DMV.

FIERTH: Have you ever felt hopeless? How did you get through it?
BIANCA: Yes. I drank.

FIERTH: If someone wrote a biography on your life , what do you think the title should be?
BIANCA: It would be Bianca Hates Everyone. Which I’m sure would be adapted into a feature film called Tyler Perry Presents: Bianca Hates Everyone Up in Here: The Untold Story.

FIERTH: What are some qualities you value in your friends ?
BIANCA: 1.) Patience— because they have to put up with me 2.) Compassion— because they have to put up with me. 3.) Strength— see #1 & 2!


FIERTH: What are 5 quirky things about yourself?
BIANCA:  1) I snore when I’m drunk…. so all the time. 2) I like to read. Books… and people! 3) I sleep upside down  4) I’m the president of David Hasselhoff fan club. 5) I’m a cancer.

FIERTH: What were you like as a child?
BIANCA: Consistently wrong.

FIERTH: Where did you grow up ?
BIANCA: New Orleans, Louisiana.

FIERTH: What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
BIANCA: I completed three years at an all girls Catholic school before anyone found out!

FIERTH: My generation was …

FIERTH: The kids today …
BIANCA: Are annoying.

FIERTH: What brings you the most joy?
BIANCA: Seeing people trip on the street.

FIERTH: What’s the strangest thing you’ve done this month?
BIANCA: I actually allowed the Domino’s Pizza man use my restroom. He totally came within thirty minutes or less! Now I can’t get rid of him!

FIERTH: What’s something about yourself that no one knows?
BIANCA: I’m naturally a redhead.

FIERTH: Ever had a rumor spread about you?
BIANCA: There was actually one rumor I read on the internet. It said that I was a really nice person… You can’t believe everything you read!

FIERTH: What is the worst advice you have ever gotten ?
BIANCA: It was from Lady Bunny: “A lower eyelash will make you prettier!”

FIERTH: Are you a morning or night person ?
BIANCA: Both. My nights always turn into morning.

FIERTH: What were you doing last night at Midnight?
BIANCA: Applying lipliner. In a stall at port authority.

FIERTH: What do you daydream about?
BIANCA: Kittens.

FIERTH: What is your beauty secret ?
BIANCA: White Eyeliner.

FIERTH: What would be the introduction song to a movie based on your life ?
BIANCA: Devil in a Blue Dress! It’s so old, you can’t even find it on iTunes!

FIERTH: Describe your home in 6 words or less.
BIANCA: I live in New York City! Six words wouldn’t even fit in my home!

FIERTH: Do you collect anything? If so, what?
BIANCA: People’s hearts… In my fridge!

FIERTH: Do you have any obsessions right now?
BIANCA: White Eyeliner.

FIERTH: What’s the weirdest item you’ve ever mourned losing?
BIANCA: My uterus.

FIERTH: What is your greatest extravagance?
BIANCA: White Eyeliner.

FIERTH: What is your guilty pleasure?
BIANCA: See above.

FIERTH: If you could buy anything regardless of cost, what would you buy?
BIANCA: White Eyeliner… Can you tell I’m bored?


FIERTH: What is your “ Safety Word”?
BIANCA: Salmon Patties. (It’s not really my safety word, but every time I’ve said it, they’ve stopped!)

FIERTH: You can trade places with any other person, living or dead, for 24 hours. Who would you choose and why?
BIANCA: Bozo the Clown. I’m already familiar with the big shoes and makeup!

FIERTH: Who are your main inspirations?
BIANCA: Roberta Flack and Ghandi.

FIERTH: Which stars, if any, leave you star struck?
BIANCA: Chuey from Chelsea Lately.

FIERTH: Whom do you despise?
BIANCA: I don’t have enough time to even start with this one!

FIERTH: Which celebrity do you suspect is actually a hologram?
BIANCA: John Travolta’s hair!

FIERTH: What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
BIANCA: Left cash in the nightstand. After I said “Salmon Patties!” It was so sweet. We still talk.

FIERTH: Do you believe in karma?
BIANCA: Yea… I worked with her in Atlanta in 1998. She’s a shady queen!

FIERTH: Which places have you traveled to that you feel had changed your perspective of the world ?
BIANCA: Biloxi, Mississippi. Because teeth are limited and not required!

FIERTH: What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
BIANCA: That one time I was on Maury Povitch: “You are NOT the father!” As if that was a possibility!

FIERTH: If you could choose a superhero power, What would it be, And how would you use it.

Ability to Fly
Super Strength
Read Peoples Mind’s
Super Stamina

BIANCA: I can already read people’s minds. So I’m good!

FIERTH: What are you going to do next?
BIANCA: Roll over and ask his name!

FIERTH: Leave us a quote to carry on with :
BIANCA: “Opinions are like assholes… I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THEM!”

FIERTH: How can we find out more about you :
Face book: facebook.com/TheBiancaDelRio
Webpage: thebiancadelrio.com
Twitter: @thebiancadelrio
Email : [email protected]
Other : Instagram: @thebiancadelrio

Fierth i-ON interview with BIANCA DEL RIO          #rpdr #biancadelrio,


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