Preppy Lifestyle Choices From Coast To Coast

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Preppy Lifestyle Choices From Coast To Coast, Preppy Lifestyle Choices From Coast To Coast,

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Preppy Lifestyle Choices From Coast To Coast

Current fashion and trends and lifestyle can be simplified by looking at two major cultural influences when it comes to fashion: the East Coast and the West Coast. Making distinctions between the two lifestyle-oriented fashions of the East Coast and the West Coast is actually a matter of degrees. What happens in the east undergoes a new interpretation in the west, and possibly vice versa.

Perhaps one of the best ways to illustrate how fashion changes as it moves from one coast to another is to take a close look at the evolution of a West Coast prep designer who combined the best of the East Coast and the Midwest into a uniquely west coast experience.

From a Hobby to a Career

John O’Donnell was at the right place at the right time. Back in 2004, he was helping a friend pick fashionable clothes. Little did he know that guiding his friend into the nuances of preppy men’s fashion would lead to a business that would change how men, women, and children think about clothes in the West Coast.

O’Donnell’s interest in men’s clothing stems from his diverse background. He grew up in Chicago, lived in Wisconsin, and spent time on the East Coast. Today, living in southern California, he combines the casual attire of the Midwest farmers with the edgy prep of the East Coast trend-setters to the flamboyance of the West Coast mavericks. He pushed the concept of ‘preppy clothing‘ to develop an apparel brand that blends the best of these three distinct American cultures.

Starting from the humble polo shirt, his brand has become a lifestyle statement of what it means to be a preppy West Coast dude. Athletes like NFL quarterback star Drew Brees, baseball legend Barry Zito, and tennis ace Pete Sampras wear his threads. His clothes are also favored by actors like Chis O’Donnell, Luke Wilson, and Adrian Grenier. What’s more, the styles don’t just stop with men, but extend to women’s and children’s wear.

An Example of West Coast Prep

West Coast prep is much more than sun-and-sand attire like flips flops and cool shades. One excellent example is high-yield woven shirts for men.

This is a line of high-roller shirts made from Egyptian cotton. These shirts come in an assortment of colors—oxford, gingham, and plaid. A high-yield woven is a blend of upgraded fabric material, interesting design, superior craftsmanship, and vintage comfort. In an office meeting, on a date in a trendy restaurant, or on a whirlwind shopping spree through a mall, a high-yield woven shirt looks perfect when combined with a blue blazer and tight blue jeans.

Subtle yet Distinct Differences

In summary, West Coast attire and East Coast fashion are similar yet distinctly difference. For example, West Coast preppies don’t wear the bright colors of their East Coast counterparts. On the East Coast, girls favor pinks and lime greens while men opt for whites and blues. West Coast preps, on the other hand, lean toward blacks, whites, and grays in the Seattle, Washington area, with more color in the Laguna Beach, California area.



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