Scooter LaForge: ‘How To Create A Monsterpiece’

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Scooter LaForge: 'How To Create A Monsterpiece', Scooter LaForge: ‘How To Create A Monsterpiece’,

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Scooter LaForge: ‘How To Create A Monsterpiece’,

Mike Malone

Michael Malone is everyone's Aunt Barbara, he holds a BA in Classical Archaeology & Civilizations, is a self-admitted adult groupie & music geek. He is a sharp dancer & snazzy dresser. He's attended 50+ B-52s concerts and has spent the better part of the last 15 years working in advertising & media.

Scooter LaForge: ‘How To Create A Monsterpiece’,

Scooter LaForge: ‘How To Create A Monsterpiece’,

Scooter LaForge once again brought his weird, wonderful and wild art works to NYC at Saturday’s opening of his latest collection, How To Make A Monsterpiece. The Arturo Vega Howl Space was filled not only with Scooter’s beautiful and bold art pieces but also with Manhattan’s most chic, fun and wacky citizens as well. From friends, art contemporaries, scenesters, nightlife royalty and a sprinkling of legends, this was the place to be in celebration of a master artist that continually inspires and strikes our fancy. Scooter’s art is both strikingly individual, yet also seems to be pulled from our collective imaginations and subconscious alike. Scooter takes childhood icons (mainly cartoons) and turns them on their ear. Everyday things that most consider garbage are some of the things that Scooter draws from and where he finds the most beauty. Bizzaro puppetry mixed with surreal landscapes and green men with exaggerated phallus are a few of the standouts, reflecting the collection’s title. From the shirts and clothing he designs and sells at downtown legend Pat Field’s shop in the Bowery, fashion runways of Montreal & Paris, to numerous art galleries, the common reaction is unadulterated happiness, whimsy and perhaps some other emotions that we might find hard to express, but in which Scooter’s art helps us better identify. There was a shared, palpable energy among the friends and strangers I spoke with at the opening, all overwhelmingly giddy both with the beauty of his art as well as his success. I am happy to be counted both as a “monster” that exists in Scooter’s world as well as someone I call a friend.

How To Make A Monsterpiece runs through October 10th @Howl! Happening  6 East 1st Street, NYC 10003 917 475 1294 www.howlarts.org


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