BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’

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, BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’,

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BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’,
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Spring must be on it’s way; once again, The New York Botanical Garden presents The Orchid Show! This year’s show, (the 15th such extravaganza at The Garden), is an homage to “the wealth of orchids, acclaimed tropical gardens, renowned orchid breeding, and rich cultural history of Thailand”.

, BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’,


The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory has been transformed into a lush, glorious riot of color and fragrance, with literally thousands of jewel like orchids – Dendrobium, Oncidiums, Paphiopedilum and an absolute rainbow of Vanda orchids- all in a classic Thai garden setting.

Small ponds and pools create a tranquil atmosphere throughout the exhibition, and colorful flowers floating in large glazed water jars provide beauty and reflection. A grand centerpiece of the design is a façade of a sala,a traditional pavilion used for shade and relaxation, with a signature sweeping gabled roofline adorned with dazzling orchids. Decorative ‘sky lanterns’ (khom loi) hang from overhead, a traditional symbol of good luck.

, BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’,

Small ‘Spirit Houses’ or temples throughout the exhibit have been adorned with exquisite orchid blossoms, miniature goddesses and elephants (a sacred symbol), as well as sweet offerings such as fruit. However, the essential sweet offering in Thailand is apparently Strawberry Fanta soda. It must be Fanta, and it must be Strawberry. Apparently the gods would not be so pleased with a can of Coke Zero.

, BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’,

Kudos to the exhibition’s designer Christian Primeau, (NYBG’s Conservatory Manager), and Marc Hachadourian, (Director of the Nolen Greenhouses for Living Collections and Curator of  the Orchid Collection) for creating this immersive, beautiful experience.


Be sure to check out the ‘Orchid Nights‘ LGBT Night event on Friday March 31, with music, dance, and a specialty cocktail called ‘The Dancing Lady’ 6:30–9:30 p.m. (entry times at 6:30, 7, & 7:30 p.m.)

The Orchid Show runs from February 18 through April 9, 2016.

, BREAKING NEWS: Strawberry Fanta is ‘Nectar of The Gods’,


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