‘I HOPE YOUR F-ING MOM CATCH AIDS’: Cardi B rages at Access Hollywood


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It's time to cancel Cardi B., ‘I HOPE YOUR F-ING MOM CATCH AIDS’: Cardi B rages at Access Hollywood,

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‘I HOPE YOUR F-ING MOM CATCH AIDS’: Cardi B rages at Access Hollywood,


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It’s time to cancel Cardi B.

Cardi B has taken aim at Access Hollywood over a candid interview the rapper gave to the publication.

The Bodak Yellow star is currently starring in box office smash Hustlers and hit Netflix talent show Rhythm + Flow, but took time to sit down to discuss her busy schedule and upcoming projects with the site.

However, the star was left incredibly disgruntled when they published clips of excerpts from the chat under the headline: “Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else ‘Mommy’ Because She Works So Much: It ‘Feels Wack’.”

The mother-of-one, who shares daughter Kulture with her husband, rapper Offset, took to Instagram to share her frustration over the editorial decision to allegedly “chop up” her words for “clickbait”.

“Access Hollywood, suck my whole d**k. Suck a d**k, I hope your f**king mom catch AIDS, b**ch,” the star raged.

Explaining her anger over the situation, she continued: “They asked me a question about me doing different ventures and how has things changed when it comes to motherhood… And I said things have changed because a lot of people expect me to do so many things,” she shared. “So, I’m sorry if I take time out my day that I could be five hours in the studio but I spent five hours with my kid.

“Because yes, I could have somebody babysit my f**king kid but it’s like it’s a wack feeling when your kid not even trying to f**k with you and call somebody else mommy.

“So these muthaf**kas chopped what I said up up…. That’s not what the f**k I said! Don’t use my muthaf**king kid for clickbait, b**ch. Don’t f**king cut s**t off trying to make me look like I’m a f**k a*s mom cuz that’s something that I’m not. I don’t play that s**t.”

The clip has since been removed, with a source close to Access Hollywood telling The Hollywood Reporter it was deleted because producers acknowledged that the headline was unfair.

The news outlet has reportedly apologized to Cardi.


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