WTF Inflatable Sculpture to Teach The Children

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, WTF Inflatable Sculpture to Teach The Children,

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WTF Inflatable Sculpture to Teach The Children,


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A Melbourne performing arts company has been making waves this week after a video of their live performance was picked up on social media.The group, Snuff Puppets created a 90-foot long puppet of the female body which they use to explore body parts in a two hour interactive art performance, titled Everybody.

The show has been around since 2012 but their last performance was at the Summersalt Festival in February 2015.

A recently uploaded video from the festival has received worldwide attention on social media. 

The two-minute video posted on the Snuff Puppets’ Facebook page shows the puppet – a mother – being hit on the head with a brick before giving birth to a baby.

Actors are placed inside the puppet’s body parts allowing them to move freely for the audience.

As part of the show, kids can be seen being squirted by her breast milk.

Next, a pig talks about the pondering creation before he is eaten.

A bum appears and starts releasing giant blobs of poo before a penis and vagina emerge. 

The reaction to the show has been mixed on social media.

“Are you guys actually ejaculating and peeing on children? This makes me sick,” wrote one commenter.

Some are confused.

“So why did the mum get hit in the head with a brick? And what was the black thing licking? I still need clarification lol my mind hasn’t been right ever since so confused and disturbed,” wrote another.

Others described the show as “incredible”.

“It’s a BRILLANT show sad and morbid and strange but TOTALLY fascinating,” wrote one commenter.

Another said: “This is great! Exploring the human body without so many of our weird social restrictions.”

Despite some saying the show is inappropriate for kids, others said they would be happy to take their children.

“It’s one of the most incredible, creative things I have ever seen. People are so weird about this. Let your child on the internet by all means.. but don’t educate them in a creative way about the human body… jeez.”

Snuff Puppets art director Andy Freer addressed everyone who has viewed the video saying: “To all the lovers and haters and the WTF’ers.”

“I’m so excited by the fact this video has reached millions of people all over the world, albeit a two-minute clip from a two-hour LIVE performance art piece. A piece that explores the one thing that all humans have in common: the human body,” he wrote.

“…Children whose parents and guardians allowed them to view this work expressed their joy, fear, and innocent curiosity.

“Poos and wees, penises and vaginas, bums and boobs, we deal with these human body parts and functions multiple times daily and children, in particular, think it’s hilarious.

“If you’re wondering, any expression of sexuality is most definitely kept for an adults-only audience.

“Free the human body and maybe one day everybody can be free.


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